One thought on “Rodney Williams: First post of 2021

  1. Happy 2021 , Big-E ! Thanks for the love , campeon ! Honestly though ……….5 to 10 bar flip floating cowboy squeaks …..from me ??! Ummmmm…….nope ! Hahaha ! Better look to CIARAN PERRY for that magic ! I did 3 new year’s day after reading your suggestion ! I appreciate the fun challenge , it was super motivating , thank you Effraim ……buuuuuut , bruv ……just getting 2 bar flips takes me at least 47 minutes or more , with a hundred failed attempts ! Hahaha ! Honestly the only reason I even pull it ONCE or the reason I got these 2 bar flips , directly over to a pedal -K … purely by Jesus’s grace , cause I’m wack as hell on a bike , hahahaha ! I cant even see 5 bar flips , much less 10 !! Hahahaha……It’s hilarious cause when I do go for this move , it’s like a separate session on it’s own because I try , fail , try , fail , try , fail . It is actually FUN though , just chasing it , trying to pull it that one time ! M.O.C. gave me a whole other outlook / mentality with tricks like this ,back in 2018 when I luckily got past round 1 with a single bar flip floating cowboy squeak ! I got my wack ass WHOOPED after round one though , haha ! DAMN , E ……I STILL watch CIARN’S Vimeo channel ! He SLLLLAAAMMMMED DOWN ,like 5 or 6 of these , doing them SINGLE kick ! You do em like THAT ! How in the actual hell do you two do em like THAT ?! I couldn’t even fathom doing em SINGLE kick at all ! There’s no set up , rest or prep time between the bar flips ! BIG UPs to ya , mate for OWNING cowboy squeaks with MULTIPLE variations ! Maybe one day , maaaaaaaybe I’ll get 4 bar flips ??! I knda doubt it though ! Hahahaha ……there is one thing I’m working on though that Martti Kuoppa asked me about a year ago , guess we’ll see ……….Effraim , I ‘ll say it AGAIN …….I’d give anything to do tricks , variations , AND beautiful , technical , HAMMER combos …..that YOU did back in 1995 , 1996 ,1997 and 1998 ! I’m sure you’ve probably forgot about all that stuff ……I SURE HAVEN’T !! Thank you again for the love , E !!

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