3 thoughts on “Sietse van Berkel: December Indoor Clips 2020

  1. Very impressive! I normally don’t like super complicated rolling/spinning positions because they often don’t look stylish. Sietse makes all these pedal/whatever part of the bike he puts his feet on tricks look effortless. His style has become so good over the years! Props!

  2. So smooth and technical. There’s allot going on in each link. Love watching his feet, weightless looking as he changes positions! What a heavy duty edit in its raw form. Awesomeness on many levels!

  3. So much skills and technics!
    Your pumping signature trick is crazy! Spinning so high, so long!
    And that Bram’s pedal/bar steam roller is so nicely executed! + crackpacker right after!.. looks crazy, congratulations!

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