6 thoughts on “Dan Margetts: Fusion Extreme

  1. Its like he NEVER left ! SLLAAAAMMED edit , outta Dan . The one handed- ab crunch -no footed steam , linking upside down pedaling mega spins , even one handed to bike flips , the pedal steam with his hands regular ….seems like the balance point would be harder that way , and hell bruv ….just the aggressive , fast , intense way that hes BANGING through the combos just RULES , TIMES 7 ……the track he rides to does flow well with his edit , but DAMN ….the way he rides , he could ride to a GRIND CORE band , haha….and it would flow just as well , since he rides THAT fast ! Ive been a fan of Dans since he had clips in some older Colin Smith videos , back in 2003 . The interview that you linked up with him a lil bit ago was dope as well , Effraim ! This guy is a real style cat and I too would be STOKED seeing more of his riding on this site …….

  2. The day I tip back my brew and it tastes like ear wax, I’m going to be scrambling to grab my bike and immediately ride in hope that I can bust out half the stuff Dan does here in one session.

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