Episode 33: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Ramon Lopez


The episodes keep flowing in, thank you so much to everyone who has helped keep these exclusives flowing along nicely since it’s inception, and the pandemic. Episode 33 features Ramon Lopez, from Puerto Rico who flows through a nice triple whiplash to messiah into cliffhanger for us all. Thank you Ramon for stepping up!

Who’s got episode 34?

Dropping Sunday, 5pm GMT…

9 thoughts on “Episode 33: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Ramon Lopez

  1. Rad new line , campeon ! Love how ya change directions via the messiah and the cliffhanger . Also , everyone knows just how hard brakeless whiplashes are in the first place , STARTING a line with multiples makes the combo even MORE dope ! Respect on your constant riding progression , Ramon . Every time I see ya @ an event ………you ALWAYS have a lil something brand new and ALREADY polished . I really dig your super clean rolling styles , bruv …….ever since meeting and riding with you here in San Antonio back in May 2007 when you were here for two weeks, before going to the Flatland Voodoo Jam with Diego Tejada , Julio Cotto , and Dominic Impalleri to compete ! KEEP ripping , hermano ! Your session edit on your patio was SLAAAAMMMED , I dig and watch all your edits , theyre always progressive and awesome , homie ………..

    • Thanks for your kind and always insightful words my dear Rodney!
      During the quarantine I was forced to dial multiple whiplashes in a circle due to the limited riding area I have in my garage. Now I LOVE doing them in a tight circle.
      Whenever I’m able to hang out with you is the best of times hermano! You are always on point spreading nothing but knowledge and love for this thing called flatland bmx. Thank you for your positive vibes brother!!!

  2. Youre welcome , bruv ! ALWAYS stoked to kick it witcha , Ramon ! Having those whiplashes , now DIALED in a tight circle is rad , indeed ! Right back atcha , campeon ….. youre ALSO always spreading the love / positive vibes, concerning Flatland BMX as well , takes one to KNOW one , hermano ….. KEEP ripping your stylz , Jefe !!

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