Dave Mirra – Expansion Project Interview

Dave Mirra, X Games 2009. Photo: Fat Tony.

Fat Tony is killing on the podcast game with so much insight into the life of many Professional BMX riders careers, already he has interviewed the likes of Jamie Bestwick, Mike Spinner, and now one of my all time heroes, Dave Mirra! The discussion goes from anything from business contracts to his mindset going into big contests, its all fascinating stuff! Make sure you subscribe on iTunes.



7 thoughts on “Dave Mirra – Expansion Project Interview

  1. Such a great listen!

    And for anyone that would like my autograph after being mentioned on The Expansion Project, you can find me in Montreal at Real City Spin on August 29-30. To clarify and expand upon what Adam Taylor said about me; I’m not currently training for a marathon, but I did run my first and only marathon quicker than the qualifying standard for my age group (sub 3:05 for men under 35). There is, however, a possibility that my time might not qualify me for the 2016 Boston marathon (based on demand and limited positions). Regardless if I end up qualifying or going next year, happy and proud for the time I put up after only 14 months running.

  2. Just listened to Jamie’s and moving on to Dave’s great job Fat. I see the possibilities of a flatland version with this Effraim. Martti, James White, Justin, Chase & Kevin just to start with.

  3. That would be Awesome, Effraim! I would also add Chad J. to the list of people I would consider an interesting candidate for an interview! Or, if you could find the right interviewer, it would be incredible to hear you interviewed and maybe solicit questions from your followers.

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