3 thoughts on “Dustyn Alt: Daily BMX Business

  1. Dustyn’s riding is full of steezz , and high energy ! Really digging how this new edit shows the work that goes into his riding ,then………..POW , shows ya the fruits of his Flatland labor ,with one BANGING line ,ending the edit . First time meeting him was @ the last Flatland Voodoo Jam. ( 2019 ) His runs were nothing but power and intense vibes , riders AND the crowd were STOKED as he went through every combo . Cool , approachable , chill cat , also ! This edit is a quick hit that’ll get you ammped on his riding and get you ammmmped to ride , period ! Loved this……….

  2. Holy shit! That pump turbine wheelchair was reminiscent of Frank Lucas’ dopeness. Then you took it to the next level with that transition to halfpacker walk around kinda deal out! Totally seeing the street steez coming through in your combos. Solid stuff with style. Props Dustyn, ride on bro!

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