Effraim Catlow 2008 – Flatmattersonline 10th anniversary

Last week I was so engrossed in editing the 10 years of Flatmattersonline I missed a lot of edits including one of myself that TGM Maz kindly put together to celebrate the anniversary. I contacted Maz to be on one of the episodes and he wants able to come through, so he made this edit instead, thank you!

9 thoughts on “Effraim Catlow 2008 – Flatmattersonline 10th anniversary

    • Thanks Amos. Appreciate Mario going to the effort of putting all this footage together, hard to believe this is ten years ago. Wearing the OG Flatmatters tee in the first clip, just noticed….

      • Your welcome E. Great to see all these rad combo’s from u on one edit and do something to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Thanks (congrats) and keep doing what your doing bro. 🙂

  1. Those cross footed turbine half hikers pivot to half packers are so Awesome ! Especially that 1st one at 1:10 which is super leaned over and switched fast. I rewound it 5 times.

  2. THIS is WHAT the f-k Im talkin bout ! These links were hammered out in 2008 . 2008 !! Hell bruv , they hold weight TODAY . Thanks Maz for hooking this up , always stoked to come across riding footage of E . These combos are so fluid , flowed with some tech to boot . I personally would love to see a lot more edits of Big E , during the 2000s he hit / learned some dope sh-t , even CREATED a lot of things . I ll say it AGAIN …………..ANYONE who has / can upload his sections from K.H.E.s videos , Cosa Nostra and Parade …..PLEASE do so . BANGING lines in this , Effraim .

  3. Thank you Rodney as always, really appreciate Mario putting this together. Now the Mile has been resurfaced I will be getting down there in the spring and try get some clips together. I would love to see Parade again as well, shall ask Marton right now….

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