Enjoy The Trick 2013 Winter Classic

Enjoy The Trick 2013 Winter Classic from mark rainha on Vimeo.

“The annual Enjoy The Trick Winter Classic went down on January 5th, 2013, at The Lumberyard in Portland, Oregon. The sponsors came through in a big way, so it’s our honor to personally thank Eric Stefano and Primo/Tips Plus as well as Henry Davis from East County BMX in San Diego. Primo/Tips Plus sponsored the bunny-hop contest, with the winner snagging a brand new Federal Washington frame. Primo also came through with goodie bags for all the flatland riders. East County BMX sponsored the flatland jam contest with the winner taking home a brand new Flatware frame. Without their support as well as support from The Lumberyard, Goods BMX, Ink Brigade and Community BMX, these jams just would not be possible. Portland is a BMX city, and no matter what discipline you ride, the community here supports. Enjoy The Trick!”
Anthony Buglio

4 thoughts on “Enjoy The Trick 2013 Winter Classic

    • Looks like such an awesome day! Great energy comes across from the edit. That indoor spot must be golden for the scene in Portland, what with the climate and all.

  1. Definitely, without the Lumberyard indoor spot, riding in Portland in the winter is mostly impossible. While we never have the most progressive riding at our jams, I think we have the most fun. Also, we had more riders that were over 40 years old than under 30. The Senior Circuit!

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