Episode 2: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Sietse van Berkel

Two weeks ago we dropped the return of the Flatmattersonline exclusive clips, Pete Brandt was kind enough to step up, and push his level to get the series going again. If you watched the first episode you will have taken note that I invited anyone to join this.

The format is simple, film a progressive clip for you, holler flatmattersonline! Send it in via the Flatmattersonline email.

I put out a few invitations to help get the ball rolling, and Deco, Four Pegs rider Sietse van Berkel was the first to get back, and he just sent in this amazing clip. These clips are all about inspiring all of us in the flatland community to push things one step further than you normally would, and get it the clip on film.

To document share and progress.

Thanks to Sietse van Berkel for stepping up, who’s got the next clip? Could this become a weekly thing, and maybe a year award category? I think so…

16 thoughts on “Episode 2: Flatmattersonline exclusives with Sietse van Berkel

  1. What in the f-kn FRAME stance , SWITCH one handed / legged SPINNING steam , SWITCH hold- hiker , pull up to half hiker SPIN , hybrid / matrix combo ……did I just watch ???!!! Maaaaaaaaaaaan ………THAT was FULL-stop , TIMES 7 ……..Thanks , E and Sietse ! I can ALREADY feel some HAMMERS about to be tossed all over this site , judging from these first two column progression clips ……..I WASNT ready to see a combo THIS WILD @ 7.25 a.m. , hahaha……..almost like a brain freeze from eating 5 table spoons of ice cream , NON-STOP , haha………….DAMN , this is such a rad line…………..

    • Rodney bro, how’s it going with your flatmatters exclusive crack packer link? E put up the invite to us all, and then YOU called me out. Now I’ve been tryin to put time into an old opposite turbine hiker link whenever I’ve got the chance to steal 45min or an hour for myself every few days. I’m up to 1.75 turbines at the moment! Need 3 in total. The progression goal is to add another bw > fw sequence of turbines and then add a one handed ride out. Haven’t found the sweet spot yet to push/pump into to carry the trick with speed after the first bw > fw sequence to set up to fire off another round. Back to the drawing board! Ride on bro!

  2. ON IT , B.Z. , just took me a bit , I NOT dialed like MOST riders , haha……took some HARD work ! I got that one ,and another clip ……..CANT WAIT to see YOUR exclusive clip , bruva ! TURBINE / SWITCH hikers , WITH bars big AND bars small TURBINES …..AND a STYLISH ONE handed exit ??!!! Yeah……..I CANT WAIT to see THIS ……. NEW school riding ,like you and others do is just TOO slllllllaaaaaaaammmmmed , and GREAT to watch , campeon !!

    • I’m in the same boat campeon! Never been dialed, always rode for feeling and fun. If it don’t feel good or I’m not having fun, I drop it and move on. This shit may take me weeks to months to get the clip filmed with the minimal time I have to ride, but E, Pete, and yourself lit the fire! Got a new goal and something fresh I’m pushing towards now. I’m lovin it! Its been an enjoyable struggle so far. Stoked to hear you got that one, AND another clip as well?! Sounds pretty dialed to me. Keep on rippin bro, I know I will!

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