Episode 28: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Art Thomason


With the successful NASA ISS Space X Shuttle launch this past weekend, who better to launch into the 28th episode of the Flatmattersonline Exclusive than Mr NASA himself, Art Thomason!
Art is a long time Hoffman Bikes rider, and continues to progress his brakeless riding style at his riding spot at home in Texas.
Art tears this cliffhanger line a new one, with over a minute action packed switches and direction changes.. Really enjoyed this one, thank you Art for contributing to the culture.

Who’s got episode 29? Dropping Sunday 5pm GMT….

3 thoughts on “Episode 28: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Art Thomason

  1. My thoughts exactly , Adam ……ANOTHER contender for the Flatmattersonline.com- LINE OF 2020 ,YEAR END AWARDS ……..and just as Effraim stated ……Art SLLLAAAAAMMMZ down a HEAVY one ! For me it was many things in this combo that got me outta my chair , first time watching this……the fire haul , cross right single kick / pivot switch- bar flip . He JUST learned that like 2 WEEKS ago , haha . The immediate turbine switch hiker juggle …..and that’s DIRECTLY after boomeranging from a cliffhanger !! After that he boomerangs again , landing to another cross left fire haul , pumps for speed , flap jack turbines to his signature step over ONE handed to crack packer , holding the seat switch , rolls that to immediate step over , whip the frame to side packer …….I swear I thought he was done………NOPE !! Stepping back over those bars……I never saw the bar small spinning / turbine cliffhanger coming , to end an already crazy difficult link ! I was STOKED , bruv , and have been watching this over and over . I mean , c, mon Art you just finished training astronauts for the recent space mission a couple days ago ! Then ya just hit us with this brand new progressive combo that could be an ENDER to a video part , just casually uploading it , haha……..I even showed this to my mom , who I STILL live with , hahaha….Im a CAGA POLLO bmxer , like that , haha……….anyway Im excited about this combo . Its one thing to bust a long line……..a whole other DIFFERENT thing to bust a long line with back TO back TO back HARD tricks , variations , switches , etc , etc ………To me Akihiko Takahashi , Cory Fester , Justin Miller , Takuji Izumi , Terry Adams , Takahiro Enoki , are just a few riders who I think of on THAT particular topic……..Congrats , Art ….this is one BANGING line for 2020 , TIMES 7………..

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