Episode 3 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives w/ George Manos

The Flatmattersonline exclusive clips are building nicely, George Manos hit me up this week without even being asked. Super hyped on seeing the clips build, just three weeks in. And already three great clips from Pete Brandt, Sietse van Berkel and now Heresy rider, George Manos.
Its pegruary, and George doesn’t even care, he’s out there doing his thing.
Do you have a clip?

The format is simple, film a clip and holler flatmattersonline at the end, send it in:


Thanks George, for stepping up for episode 3!

Who’s got the next clip?

3 thoughts on “Episode 3 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives w/ George Manos

  1. SLLLLLLAAAAAAMMMMMMED , TIMES 7 , George ! As if THAT rolling position wasn’t hard ENOUGH ……..ya go and LINK / REPEAT it , with a CRAZY transition , kinda a pedal- kick forward / fire pinkish , kick back ??!!!!…….I DONT even know , haha…….THIS is another SUPERB exclusive clip …..AND to me ,a MUST WATCH combo ! All this stuff youre CREATING , sans brakes AND pegs …..is KILLER , bruva . Damn, THIS line MENTAL ……AGAIN ……that first rolling position is hard ENOUGH ! Pegless / brakeless GURU= George Manos !

  2. That’s a heavy duty combo…wow! and no sketchy unsmooth motions when riding into, or to maintain balance in the jacked up no handed pedal tricks?! Sick stuff indeed.

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