Episode 40: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Peter Miklosi


What’s up everyone? Yesterday was a long day at work, and didn’t get the chance to be online to post, so I am a day later than usual. We made it to 40 episodes, today we have a feature with Zurich resident, Peter Miklosi. Peter was the AM World Champion a few years back here in the UK, Peter recently got the 10th place spot in Master of Creativity online competition.
And right here here he flows through a x-ft halfpacker line, mid way through to xft crackpacker, and ends it with a brakeless smith. Super rad!
I thought the general public were going to continue our international theme of walking straight through to the rider, but it didn’t happen.
Who’s got episode 41?

5 thoughts on “Episode 40: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Peter Miklosi

  1. SLLAAAAAAMMMMED , TIMES 7 ! He HASNT even been riding that long AT ALL…….X-LEG half AND crack packer , in the SAME line ??! DAMN……I WISH I had even a fifth of THIS kind of skill , with THESE kinds of techniques , tricks ………and to add the FINAL hammer ……a smith exit !! One serious brakeless , flowing , HIGH level combo from this guy ! Lines like THIS are what I love about the current state of progressive , new school flatland ! Ive watched this 3 TIMES ….eyes like SAUCERS , haha……

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