Episode 66: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Brent Zdrill

We are gaining some welcome momentum back with the Flatmattersonline exclusives.
And I am particularly stoked on today’s feature, as this is sent in by a FM reader (not that you all aren’t). But, what I am saying is, Brent Zdrill aka BZ who comments the site, is actively out there doing it, and documenting and sharing his riding with us all.
It’s super nice to put a picture to all the comments on the site, and Brent comes through with a really smooth mega spin turbines peg time machine to junkyard pivot out.

Brent has supported us all with commenting on countless videos, and it’s time to return the favour. These clips are all about using “YOUR OWN” level, do you have any suggestions what Brent could do to improve this line, and perhaps Brent when he’s ready could throw in something fresh for another exclusive at a later date.
This is what happened originally with my own riding and was motivation to start the Flatmattersonline exclusives, it’s good to get your clips out there. You might get an idea yourself, and someone may chime in and suggest it.
Whatever, the case it’s super cool Brent from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada came through with episode 66. He’s a family man, missed the latter part of his 20’s and returned to riding 5 years ago after the birth of his son.
Rodney Williams encouraged Brent to step up for a clip, and now I think its time to ask Rodney to step up too and return the favour.
Thanks Brent for contributing, whose got episode 77 dropping on Wednesday?….

25 thoughts on “Episode 66: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Brent Zdrill

  1. Yo Brent that’s stylish! I saw a couple of clips about a month ago on your channel and I loved that! What about jumping on pedal junkyard and out??

    • Damn that was quick Giannis! On it, I will have to check his channel not seen that. This is what the exclusives are all about, push your own personal level. Props to BZ for getting involved and showcasing his riding with us all world-wide!

      Much respect!

      • I’m just trying to progress fast not only in riding but also in my comments! Hahaha! Brent is a cool guy who loves flatland and deserves to get love back too… You lost some weight Big E??? Sorry for asking I noticed in your last exclusives…

        • Stoked you showed some love back to BZ, thats what I was saying in the intro. BZ shows enough to us all, it’s good to return the favour.
          Yes lost a fair bit of weight during this lockdown, I am just back to riding. Birthday session tomorrow, cant wait!!!

    • Thanks for checking it out brother! I’ve attempted replicating the whole thing on the pedal from ride in to ride out. The timemachine turbine-pivot to junkyard is tricky to pivot smooth and stay on point. I’m thinking of filing or grinding some of the pins/teeth off on one side. Kinda like a homemade igi sweet spot pedal. Looking forward to taking in the insanity of the next installment in the Freestyler series.

  2. Hi Brent.

    Greetings from N.B. Canada where I can empathize with very cold weather for very long periods of time. Today it’s -25 Celsius. Looks like you have a great indoor spot. Ride on.

    • Thanks r! You know first hand how challenging the weather can be. I’m so thankful to finally have access to an indoor spot. The floors kind of rough and has it’s flaws, but it’s a 19ft x 19ft dry rideable sanctuary in our climate. Insulated but not heated. Either way riding in about -10 to -5 is always better than the -20 and -30 crap outside. It’s starting to warm up here, hope you get to see that pavement emerge from its icy tomb asap. Ride on!

  3. I made it through the firewall! Thanks again Effraim for putting these together. I’m so pumped seeing this, it’s like I got into an issue of Ride bmx!! Feels awesome contributing to the site, especially considering how much I take in from it daily. Definitely working on another clip for the FM exclusives, close to hitting it really soon. Like I can taste it! This may come through a lil early, but happy birthday E!!

    • That’s awesome you checked it out Matt! I’m pumped. Thanks for the comment, as well as your advise in the past. That particular event I spoke with you about didn’t come to fruition as planned, but was able to learn from what happened. It was a good start point to working to towards doing some grass roots clinics here and gave me practice writing up a proposal. I’m stoked to see what you’re going to drop in your edit!

  4. My man BZ came the hell through with some time machine , pivot- junk yard , turbine rocket flavor for everyone to savor ! Love it BZ , THIS really made my afternoon , bruv . I was telling Steve Beugeron today how much I admire / love ….and WISH I could do some of the NEW school type, rolling ,pivoting savagery that YOU are busting out in the SLLAAAAMMMED exclusive for the 66th installment . This line is flowing , and STYLED OUT , BZ . You would NEVER be able to tell that you were in a hiatus OFF your bike in ALL of your 20s , with THIS type of combo . SO dope , again , BZ ! I’m STOKED on THIS …….

    • Rodney bro, it was you who called me out. Gave me the push to put start filming myself and put something out there. Hahaha..I was off the bike for over the last half of my 20s(like 6 years?), if it was all of em’ I wouldn’t even be able to stand on the thing and release the grease. Thank you so much for all the hype, support and motivation that you show all riders world wide. You bleed flatland. I’m subscribed to your youtube channel as well, and have been witnessing the science you’re throwing down. Always dope!

        • The pleasure is all mine , BZ !! I KNEW ya had it in ya to get AGGRO as hell with that NEW school , turbine , flowy , aggressive style……….AND knew all ya needed was a lil push , words of stoke to get ya to SLLLAAAMM DOWN that sweet combo for exclusive 66 ! YEEESSSS …..I , you and ALL of US bleed , breathe Flatland , TIMES 7 …….I personally know / think that ALL of US are very proud of that fact ……otherwise we all would not put so much of our lives into it ! STOKED you’re subscribed to my channel , BZ , thank you for the love , campeon ! I’m honestly just imitating older stuff of Effriam’s , Jason Brown’s R.I.P. , Andrew Arroyo’s and Nathan Penonzek’s , all their stuff from 1995 to 1998 , haha…..no b.s. !! I appreciate the props and having recently peep gamed YOUR You Tube channel , BZ ……I have to express that YOU are going at your lines FULL STOP ! Hammering down some REALLY rad flavor …..i.e……X-leg fire haul roll combos , ONE handed , etc ,etc !!! DOPE STUFF indeed . You kinda just came through with so many lines back to back to back . Shows and proves that you’re really motivted / stoked to push , progress and even put your OWN twist in your riding ! Originality AND style are key to GREAT riding ….and that’s EXACTLY what you’re busting out ,BZ ! Loving THAT ! Also…….I caught that tongue and cheek reference …..RIGHT AWAY ” release the grease ” , huh , BZ ??? Myself , ALSO……..that’s one of my favorite BMX videos too . Got it on V.H.S. ! Sandy Carson / Andrew Arroyo , my favorite montage / section on that video !!!! KEEP ripping BZ , as I’m beyond STOKED that you’re posting / sharing your riding . I’ve watched your exclusive , like 10 TIMES , hahaha…………

        • Done and done , sir !! It’s already filmed , Big -E ! You and BZ REALLY got me AMMMPED . Thank you , my bruvs ! I’ll get it to ya soon , E ………to be completely honest …….it’s actually a lil line with your 1997 ” Parade ” video part flavor in it , haha. I’m over the moon with that video section of yours , Effraim ……as it was the FIRST time of me seeing your riding on VIDEO . I swear I can recite EVERY combo , trick for trick , variation for variation , haha ! That video part REALLY influenced my bike riding ……even to THIS day ! Recently watching some live stream footage of Julio Cotto’s , a RIPPING rider from here in San Antonio Texas by way of Puerta Rico ……his footage of me riding from Sunday…… @ Bobby Burge’s Jean Francois Bulianne / Steve Bergeron ” Welcome to Texas ” BMX Jam………my second combo REALLY reflected some of ” Parade’s ” stuff , hahaha……..EXCEPT …….99 % of the bar flips , switches and transitions within YOUR links in that video section are WAAAAAAY harder than what I’m doing , hahaha…..I still try and imitate as much of it as I can , haha…….your backwards half hiker , bar flip to immediate PEDAL-K , TOP ROCK decade , landing to a hang five , etc ,etc……I couldn’t do THAT stuff in a ZERO gravity room , hahaha………speaking of that TOP ROCK decade transition , E …….you posted a contest run with THAT line from 1996 ! I gotta RE -POST …..THAT , as I’ve been saying to this day……….I have NOT seen another rider do THAT combo before ! Exclusive 67 or 68 is on that way , Big – E !!

    • Thanks Joe! When I noticed the temperature was visible I wondered of anyone else would too. I watched the whole Down Under video comp edit. When I saw you commented on this, I immediately had to check if I was running my socks at a decent height for an FM Exclusive.

  5. Hey Brent, Joey out here on the West Coast of BC. Sick to see you on the bike and pushing man. Thanks for the motivation!

    • Good to hear from you Joey! Spent too much time off, had to get back on it. I find its allot harder to put the time in now than compared to when we were younger but it still feels just as awesome. Ride on man!

  6. BZ , my bruv ! I’ve been thinking about some suggestions to push this ALREADY dope line ! First one today………..right as you pivot to the cross rope roll , from the time machine spin ……..as you pivot back to a carving rocket to exit……..roll that rocket a lil longer……and repeat the time machine spin , pivot to cross rope roll AGAIN……..then exit ! That’s just one thought , I have like 4 more , haha……absolutely love your NEW school flow / lines …..and I just wanna see MORE of it ( ALL your lines are SLLLLLAAAAAMED as well on your You Tube channel , ya should send em in to this site ! ) Salud , BZ ! Hope to see MORE exclusives from ya to help get Effraim to that 100th episode !!

  7. Check your channel , BZ and was stoked to see some recent clips . Tea kettle step over to x-leg half packer in the works ,eh ? That’s sick , campeon ! Dug the whiplash variation , taking your time letting the frame lash as you’re carving . Hoping you recover quickly . Had no idea about your injury . I know you’ll come back stronger and I’ll be checking your channel . Cheers , BZ and if ya come across Borys anytime . Tell him I’m stoked he’s got a Flat bike , riding . To this day I do Cobain bar flips during lines ,like he used to do at that 1998 contest which was I think was a Play or Useless bike/ clothing company event. He won that contest and got a color photo in Ride BMX , the U.S edition in the middle of a full twitch side squeak . just read that magazine a lil bit ago …… Anyway , stay rad , BZ……….

  8. Thanks brother. It’s been slow goin on the come back, but im workin on it. And it was a no handed xfoot tea kettle before the step over. Got to keep the hands off longer though…All a work in progress that’ll have to be continued later at this point. I’ll let Billy know you’re stoked he’s still rippin! Hope all is well with you, ride on!

  9. My mistake , BZ . It sure was a NO HANDED tea kettle . I totally forgot to mention that very important detail , sorry about that , man…..I’m just stoked on the newer video clips and your stuff that’s in the works ! Keeping those hands off longer in the tea kettle sure will rule , BZ . I’m rooting for a quick recovery so you can continue shredding ! Thanks , and Billy and you should put out a lill edit , if yall meet up for s session in the future !

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