Episode 77: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Chris Vasileiou


What’s up everybody? I made a little mistake on the last episode, this is actually episode 77 not the previous exclusive. Greek shredder, Chris Vasileiou comes through with his second exclusive, and today is Chris’ birthday!
Everybody go wish Chris happy birthday in the comments section, Chris comes through with an awesome Scarlo squeak to frame stand tomahawk line that just keeps building, amazing bike control from Chris!

Thanks Chris for contributing, whose got episode 78?

19 thoughts on “Episode 77: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Chris Vasileiou

  1. Noice! I love watching Chris ride. He totally owns the front wheel and the amount of control and smoothness is impressive especially with no brakes.

    Tomahawks have always been one of my favorite front wheel tricks, one of these days I’m gonna start working on some of these variations, like standing on the frame etc.

    Chris: seeing you’re riding always motivates me! First time I think I saw you was landscapes 3 and I have been a fan ever since. Keep it up!

    • It really motivates me if I inspire others, either flatland riders or not… I am really happy to be a Motivation source for you Alias…! I am obsessive with Flatland practice, that is how the smoothness and control came up… I really involve Flatland in every single day of my life… Framestand tomahawk is my favorite position and a tough one to diall in my opinion, because it requires skills and strength… Keep up your good work and Flatland will pay you off…

  2. What an insane link! The first 10 seconds are awesome then the framestand tomahawk comes in. Such a dope trick. X foot tea kettles, steam variations, even a turbined hiker in the mix!? Savage. What a piece of art. Very well put together sir. Happy b day on top of it all.

    • BZ I found your comment right on point… Indeed my perception of Flatland is rather artistic… I have been struggling to diall my combos for many years and the result is now paying off… I find Flatland’ s essence more in combos of specially chosen tricks and positions on the bike, rather than single tricks and long combos that are built step by step… Thanks for the birthday wishes, as well! Keep it up!!!

  3. His first flatmatters exclusive was the reason I waited for flatmattersawards then there wasn’t favorite exclusive category. Love this mix of mid school and new school. Sick.

    • I am really humbled Morgan… It really means to me to inspire and motivate others, especially Flatland riders…! Mid school, newschool, old school, no school doesn’t matter! I always follow my path and the moves and positions that inspire me!!! No rules is what Flatland is all about for me… Thanks for the comment!

  4. Damn your style SLLLLAAAAAMMZZ ……spastic pedal five scuff , QUICK step over to shingle shuffle , STILL on the pedal , QUICK switch of the hands / body , stepping to FRAME stance tomahawk , drop down to cross tea kettle , IMMEDIATELY to a bar pull through to turbine steam !! It flows like BAM , BAM , BAM , BAM !! Fluid , aggressive …….with confidence shown in your body language as you’re riding ! Riding to Booba ……..that’s also the icing on a SWEEEET combo cake , haha…I love Booba’s music after hearing Jumelin ride to his stuff in multiple contests , ” Futur ” being my favorite album of his , ” Maki Sall musique ” being my favorite jam on the album ! ( Which track are you riding to here ? Sounds like a new song ! ) Well done , shredder ! Since your Battle In The Rockies entry video , back in 2015 ( my first time seeing you shred , EXACTLY why I love this site ! Discovering dope riders worldwide ! ) I’ve BEEN a big fan of your riding and the way you’ve MASTERED your style ! How bout you bust down ANOTHER exclusive combo in a week or two , Chris ??! Get Effraim’s exclusive to that 100th episode …….AND I’d love to see another one from you anyway. ( honestly ! ) KEEP ripping those CORE 2.A.M. sessions !

    • Rodney, first of all thank you very much for the whole support you have been giving me all these years… I am really humbled by such kind of gestures, how about yours, to such a great extent… You are a very positive man but very observing, as well… Your comments are always on point and show that you not only have deep knowledge about Flatland but you have been really paying attention to my Flatland moves and techniques… That really makes me feel humbled but also reminds me of my duty to keep up Flatland to the best level I can… My life revolves around Flatland, I feel like a Flatland soldier… Of course, I cannot deny another Flatmatters exclusive clip, if Mr Catlow is ok with it…?!?! That would be my honor, knowing that my riding motivates others, how about a Flatland rider like you…! As far as music is concerned, it is an important ingredient of my Flatland recipe… I really like Booba and the track of this video is called “Bakel City Gang”, from the disc “A4”! Hip hop has been running in my veins, since many years… Salute brother and keep up your good work and stay positive!!!

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