14 thoughts on “ESPN One Love Flatland Jam edit!

  1. The vibes looks great but definetely I think the USA scene needs new riders, a country as importat for xtreme sports as USA needs new kids and pro riders coming up fast, however big respect for that guys and as I said great vibes! =)

  2. Varo: The coverage in this edit is extremely limited. There were probably 50-60 riders present, so the scope of talent was pretty large. However, I do generally agree with you, USA seems stagnant for talent in comparison with Asia. The level of dedication asian riders give are rarely paralleled.

  3. So good to see Chris Day is still riding, he was/is such an amazing talent!!! The best part of getting old as a rider has been continuing to do it for all of the right reasons. This edit nicely communicates that riding in great weather with good friends is its very own reward! If I ever get on a plane and travel away from brooklyn for riding again, this will be the place.

  4. don’t worry, the obama administration is pushing hard to have top level flatlanders kicking the rest of the worlds collective asses back to where they belong, because that is what is what matters most in flatland! USA!

  5. This edit really captures the vibe of the jam and the reason so many of us came out to ride. Especially, people used to cold winters. There was some incredible riding happening from the likes of Sean Fontenot, Bobby Carter, Jesse, Steph Cerra, Dylan Worsely, Ahmed, McKinney, Dane, Brian Tunney, and others. The jam circle towards the end of the day was really fun to watch. There were plenty of cameras rolling around, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more riding focused edits pop-up.

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