ESPN – Simon O’Brien Must Watch edit + Next Chapter Interview!

It’s hard to believe Simon won the X Games ten years ago! Time flies, and Simon is now 33 years old, and looking for new challenges in his life, hit the link to read his interview! And of course the edit we’ve been sitting on for a while, Simon is the man!

13 thoughts on “ESPN – Simon O’Brien Must Watch edit + Next Chapter Interview!

  1. Still one of the most stylish riders on the planet! Great interview and edit, thanks a lot! And good luck on the dark side.

  2. Complete legend, my favorite rider of all time. Now I’ll just have to bide my time until the next edit… 🙁

  3. Simon,

    Awesome moves in flatland, and life. Flatland is awesome, but it also can be counterproductive in terms of life by taking away from other aspects of life.

  4. Solid edit. Loved the last two combos and the backwards one handed one footed pedal time. Was crazy to see the jump to backwards half packer towards the end of such a long combo! Love that trick!

    The navy sounds good. Sounds like there’s a lot of opportunities there.

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