FVM #05 – Nagoya 2014 Spring

Amazing riding from the Ares Bykes Roadjam + Non Theater Jam in Nagoya, Japan! FVM #05 right here, featuring: Keisuke Matsumoto, Nariaki Kudoh, Takayuki Iwate, Syunsuke Washimi, Yoshihiro Shinde, Takahiro Enoki, Hidenori Ishizaki, and Yasuto Watanabe. The opening line from Keisuke Matsumoto at 00:27!

3 thoughts on “FVM #05 – Nagoya 2014 Spring

  1. Shout out to Doko for bringing more of the japanese scene to the internet trough Flatland Magazine! High quality content! The scene will definitely benefit from this. Amazing and unique riding in this video!! Arigato!

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