George Manos: ΟΦΙDEUS

The second Heresy edit of the day, always interesting to watch George Manos and his creativity. You will have to watch this one the whole way through, as it conveys the change in light that happens if you ride into the night time like George, not to mention some crazy new ankledeath front wheel combos with any pegs. Madness!

3 thoughts on “George Manos: ΟΦΙDEUS

  1. I like this .George’s creative / signature moves rule. Along with his new variations and the rad Black Metal music playing… all goes together well , making another good edit from him. I’m also digging how natural the edit flows. Like he’s just having a casual session . Manos does wonders pegless . I still remember that short edit he did a couple years ago riding pegs . He did all these pumping , spinning positions at random , ha. Again , stoked on the new edit . Riding , music , vibe …..all boxes checked . Thank you for posting this, Effraim……

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