9 thoughts on “George Manos – Artistry

  1. O.M.G , THIS is BONKERS-WILD-STYLE !!! DAMN , THIS is some M.O.C. 2018 TOP 3 SH-T right HERE cabrone !!!! WAAAAAAAAAAY too much SAVAGE-TECHNICAL weapons just CONSTANTLY banging you over the head over AND over , I COULDNT keep up watching THIS mentally ……………F-K this is GOOOOOOOD !!! Should of KNOWN Patron Manos was cooking up some MORE original hammers , my mind SERIOUSLY couldn’t KEEP UP with ALL that was being thrown at my EYES trick BY trick !!!!

  2. WoW!!!!! Gonna date myself, but totally reminds me of Jason Parkes from the late 80’s. All of the crazy foot positioning and boomerang stuff. One of my favorites for the year!

  3. It’s pretty amazing that, intuitively, you’d think going pegless would mean even less options for expression/progression, but somehow Manos’ riding manages to look nothing like Chad Johnston’s (which is also totally brilliant), who both are on totally different paths than Leo Claro and his killer pegless style. I fking love flatland.

    • Flatland reminds me of hip-hop and Jazz and architecture, in that respect. You can take a similar foundation, but build something entirely different on it. The foundation will support so many different structures! I’m with you, Ultraman, so much to love about bmx!!!!

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