26 thoughts on “George Manos – In London

  1. thank you guys, it was the 1st time in almost 6 months i had been out on my bike, and had to try and find a spot to film in my town that i 10 years i haven’t found any good spots, he did well to ride at small, bumpy, wet spots !

  2. Amazing. Backwards pedals crack or backwards nose manual? Assuming that a regular nose manual backwards is a fakie nose manual. Awesome stuff. I thought that the 2nd link was going to be him going into that crazy pedal thing he does.

  3. Saw him in a video from Rebel Jam and was blown away. Thought for sure he would win the creativity award. But of course the judges voted like machines.

  4. well Dag, speaking as i was one of the “machine” judges, it wasn’t so simple, his qualifying run was insane, but that was judged like any other contest, and although he with out a doubt was and is one of the most creative and original riders out there, there cant be a system that you win something for turning up in pink attire and using your teeth to hold your bike, there needs to be a balance between what you pull and try in a contest.. once again i stress it isnt simple and many contradicting elements at play.. i have to say i was stoked that Alex J placed well 🙂

  5. Paul ,Jesse Puente was doing no footed Backpackers sitting on the bars back in 1994 ,Ells Ring the Gack video ,its been done but is very rare nowadays George’s riding is unique as in the fact that it is very hard to comprehend.

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