Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #100 The End

Today is dedicated to Giannis Caternellis, a monumental day where he reaches 100 edits in his freestyler series. Absolutely amazing worth ethic to get this done, not to mention trick bag! Especially loved the diversity in what he is doing in this 100th edit, and the standout being the hitchhiker darksome to fudge packer F truck and out at around the 5:49 mark. Respect Giannis!

27 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #100 The End

      • I appreciate what you do as a freestyle rider, the rawness of your edits is what i like from the likes of you and Matthieu from Heresy. you’ve created a vocabulary which could be express in many different ways if people choose to do so.

        Much Love Giannis.

        • Yeah Valance freestyle is The only way to ride my bicycle and i can express myself better trying new ideas and concepts all the Time…just like Matthieu! I am riding flatland close to 30 years now and this vocabulary you are talking is the result of not trying to repeat the same tricks over and over again…

        • As Effraim says:To document,share and progress.And this is exactly what i did in Flatmatters!Many thanks and respects to Big E and much love back to you Valance!

  1. WOW ……..So many things to admire about you , Giannis ! Your relentless , constant , disciplined progression for 3 and a half years STRAIGHT , exploring countless concepts , techniques and variations on BOTH the front AND back wheel . The fact that you’ve achieved all of this running a lucrative business , raising / tending to your family . Staying / keeping ORIGINALITY as the CORE / BLUE PRINT of ALL these 3000 multiple combos . Taking that leap of faith , removing both brakes ……..Then STILL keep totally SLAAAAAAAMING out the links , tricks without a pause what so ever , even BUILDING / CREATING even MORE savage lines on that bike ! Selflessly sharing your progression with the world , motivating riders world wide , especially ….Myself , man ! I swear ,bruv your whole freestyler series , mindset seriously started to influence my own personal riding session………Instead of stepping out to session with a plan …….These days…..I just step out with my bike , no plan , just ride …….Whatever I come across , get into trick / combo wise…….I just let it flow naturally . The ONLY time in these past years that Ive went out to session WITH a plan………..Was during the weeks of the first , second round of M.O.C. , You are one of the most talented , skilled , hard to the core riders in flatland , Giannis . Like Ive been saying for 3 years …..Its as if Kevin , Chase , Powell , Eaton , Osicka like built / programmed a bmx flatland cyborg , machine , then unleashed him to see just what , how much the machine could create , evolve , and push bmx flatland ! Im so proud of your 100 edits , and I don’t want to sound selfish ………….Buuuuuuut I hope this ISNT the last we all see of your amazing , original riding . You should get a Face book , Instagram account and share a lil video clip here and there , no pressure , cabrone ! AGAIN your 100 edits IS reason enough to me to be a N.O.R.A. CUP nominee , and the reason I ll be voting for you in these year end award of this site , campeon .

    • Thank you so much cabrone!I am also One of your biggest fans campeon!4 years Now documenting sharing and progressing on my bike!

    • Hey Rodney im so happy that you got so much inspiration from my Project.You said so many truths Here that is Hard some people understand…Yes it is a stuggle to run my own business and still progressing on a daily basis.Family also carrying takes so much patience and love..its hard to learn new tricks every day and dont get hurt!I try also to stay original during my sessions…doing every day new combos is not that easy at all!At the moment i run dual front brakes as you can see in 5 links on this video so lets see how far i can go on that set.You mentioned Kevin,Chase,Eaton,Osicka.Yes of course my biggest inspirations but i am nothing in front of Them!Not even close!Thank you so much cabrone again for giving me power to møve forward and progress in Flatland and IF you vote me thanks a million again!Peace.

        • Thank you Nick for your kind words BUT thats not the case here…who is the best or not.Flatland is an art and every artist has his own approach and if originality is in the mix thats a good Thing! Thats what im trying to do here…having my own view on how things should be done and adding originality in between…

  2. rider of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love you.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheers zgatz for The props! I think i had a pretty good year with around 1000 new combos and numerous of new tricks brakeless and with brakes…but i dont feel people are too concered about new tricks.Besides Rodney Williams and a couple of others that take care about progression,most of the new generation care about who has tattoos and spins fast…so i am not definitely rider of the year!

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