Must Listen! Mark Eaton Space Brothers Podcast

Kip Williamson and Chip Riggs catch up with Plywood Hood, Mark Eaton for an absolute Must Listen Space Brothers Podcast!

Mark Eaton, Kevin Jones and the rest of Plywood Hoods paved their own way in Flatland and BMX in general, this podcast uncovers what it was like every time they showed up to a contest all eyes were on them with video cameras aimed in their direction hoping to capture the next ground breaking trick whether that was steamroller, whiplash, hitchhiker, backpacker or many other amazing groundbreaking moves. Even the top pros at the time kept their eyes on Mark, Kevin, and the other Plywood Hoods hoping to see some of their latest tricks and they changed the game forever.

When you get a spare few hours you need to sit down, and really take this in. Thanks Eaton and the rest of the Plywood Hoods for all they have done for flatland. This is pure gold!

*Just a reminder that all of the episodes can be listened to on SoundCloud (above), iTunes, Google Play, & Stitcher Radio by searching “Space Brothers Podcast”.

9 thoughts on “Must Listen! Mark Eaton Space Brothers Podcast

  1. Soooooooo good. One of my favorite BMX memories was seeing Wheelies in the theater the evening of the York jam (few minutes after the world’s most epic parking lot ice fight…)

    • I was there too. After the movie, we were driving to somebody’s house and I got pulled over by a cop for speeding. It was my birthday, so he let me off, but told me “pull your head out of your ass and drive like you know how”!

      • Nice. That particular York jam was crazy busy. Just before the sun went down friends and I drove over to some trails which resulted in (Mike) Forney’s cover shot on Ride, and Joe and Lucky’s infamous ride interview. Great day of BMX

  2. I just watched a documentary on apache by incredible bongo band. First time i heard was dorkin 3. Eaton and the hoods had so much subtle influence.

  3. Dorkin’ 3 was mind-blowing. First time watching, it was all eyes on Kevin. By the second or third, you’d start to appreciate just how sick Eaton’s riding was too.

  4. This is the best, If people really want to know the history of freestyle BMX this is an absolute must watch so fortunate to grow up and be a little kid and ride with these guys….

  5. I can’t recall which Dorkin it was. We were at a rollerskating rink, that let us ride every Sundays for a couple of hours. There was a contest on,& they had the latest Dorkin playing on the big screen. We were all fixated watching it. This of course was before the Internet, so everyone could only see flat from the ‘Hoods’, or anyone putting out vids & or in mags. They definitely paved the way with showing flat with these vids,& their incredible riding. A lot of respect.

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