Scott Hagnas – Now & Then 2018

If you are riding flatland in your fifties, I have the utmost respect for your passion towards flatland. Tricks are not only for Kids, but Adults too. I grew up watching Scott Hagnas Infection videos during the 90’s, and today I am stoked to watch this retrospective edit Snakebite BMX just dropped on their channel documenting Scott’s riding from 1984 to 2005 and up to date footage to boot as well and is still ripping at the age of 52. Scott has a lot of great ideas and it’s super fun to watch his take on flatland, go watch this!

8 thoughts on “Scott Hagnas – Now & Then 2018

  1. MAn, that was awesome, really nice to see that originality never fades, its within us! Awesome. This one really got me kicking today! Cheers Scott and congratulations on the the spirit you got!!!

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