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  1. As always a wide variety….. Always stoked to see your edits.. Already have some people recruited for Doses 8… If you are interested in opening or closing the video out let me know, we would love to have you… If not keep riding and progressing..and thanks for the motivation.

      • Mad Respect Giannis! I’d wager that you have one of the biggest “Tricktionaries” on the planet. Well done!

        • Cheers Sean!Thank you for the props and I feel like you understand the freestyle aspect of Flatland…when I think about tricktionary I think of CHASE because there is nothing he can’t do or haven’t pull.Legend for real…

  2. Always loved g-turn b’packers and I like the hitch to jump to xfooted hitch, the steam roller holding the pedal, seems harder than holding your seat. I never get sick of seeing steamroller b’rangs either. Some good progression Giannis;& thanks for this. Is Doses prescription Adam, joking.

    • Hey Tristan you’re always on point!!Yeah Gturn backpackers seem to me also a cool trick that its timeless and a great way to end a link.Its not super hard either as I remember pulling it around 2002 for the first time.That steam holding the pedal switch is something I thought a long time ago but never try it as I hadn’t front brake on my right grip…glad that you loved that edit,most of these clips filmed 4 months ago when I put the dual front brake system.A great way to start running brakes again after a whole year brakeless!!!lol

    • Timeless is one of my favourite words because describes flatland the best way.To be honest I was going to end freestyle series in number 100 because I felt that was enough…after the Outstanding contribution award I had a second thought that to stop the series could look a bit of selfish because…dude I’m not even doing it for myself anymore you know…the whole edit thing.Yes I check the tricks I pull in my camera and move on but these Freestyle edits are only for you guys to watch them,get inspired,get some ideas,go ride your bike and have fun as I’m doing exactly the same thing because that’s all about…Massive respect to Effraim for putting wheels into motion and push me to go further..Big thanks for posting these edits on a daily basis no matter what…

    • I bet you are Omari,right??Ha!Thanks a lot dude for your compliments,so happy that you got impressed.From the begining of this year I started to ride more hours,around 4 hours everyday and the Award gave me extra boost to ride harder,even with tendonitis on my right elbow!!I am impressed too with your back wheel skills and that tire turbine ice creams are so stylish!Yeah!Too bad you hadn’t watched one of my videos in a while,you missed a lot of action!Ha!Joking!

  3. The reason I still do timeless links and tricks, is because they’re so fun. Is your frame a discontinued Kgb 1 ?

    • My frame is kgb psyconnexion 18.6 that came in production probably 2006.I ride that frame since February 2007.The best frame I ever had!About a month ago I weld it once again because I cracked it from daily hardcore training!!Ha!

  4. I hope that we’ll keep seeing more of your edits. Your riding’s different to many others. Sorry about your tendonitis. If you’re not aware, if you’ve got a tear in your arm, it maybe possible to have a cortisone injection, to help the arm heal. Just a suggestion that you may consider, if you haven’t already.

    • Thanks for the tips Tristan about tendonitis…its been about 3 weeks I suffer from that pain and I wear an elastic bandage, if I spell it right,every time I ride…the first 3 days of the symptoms I got a break from riding to relax my arm a little bit and I take a pill now every time I go session…Norgesic I think its called…hope it helps!Maybe I’ll try that cortisone injection you’re reffering…Did you have same issues Tristan??

  5. How is this not a must watch? Absolutely incredible variety and difficulty!! All the G-turn / pivot / backpacker / hitchicker combos were insane!!

    • Cheers Lachlan!!You’re always a supporter of my riding since edit 1 and I really appreciate that,Canada represent!!This edit is a small example of riding more than 4 months with brakes again,dual front brakes,which I peak combos here and there making that edit…so the Must Watch tag doesn’t count for me because I post every week a new video and that could be hard to choose which is must watch or not.But in my opinion every video of flatmatters should be watched by everyone as I believe is the real point of this site.Just watch the edits of Bruno Zebu,all of his videos on YouTube are Must Watch in my books,the guy is a magician!!Just go and check it out….

  6. You’re welcome Giannis. Yes, I had a tiny hole in my arm, but the injection helped it heal and did physio and still do it everyday at home. My arm’s actually stronger with the physio exercises;& I haven’t taken a pain killer for nearly six months. The positions that I had trouble with before, I don’t anymore. If you’re also aware, the tennis elbow, which’s basically arthritis can come back at any time. But, it seems you’re doing the right thing, by resting a few days. I’ve been very lucky, because I didn’t get it until I was 48. I’ve heard of riders develop it in their 30s. But be careful of taking pain killers too much, it apparently can cause heart problems,if I heard correctly. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s an operation that can be done. They don’t do it here, but they use your own blood,& I think it’s called pallets, which supposedly can totally heal it.

    • To be honest Tristan my problem started a day I went to a friends house and we had an arm wrestling together,he beat me of course as he is a weight lifter and gets proteins and stuff like that…pretty stupid to fight together!!My friend Sakis told me he had a same experience from arm wrestling and had the same pain later inside his right elbow….I turn 36 in August but never had any problems with my arms from flatland so I believe the arm wrestling was a bad idea….!

  7. A no go area Giannis. Personally, when I read an interview on Day Smith in ’98 I think it was, I decided after reading that he said, he’ll ride to he literally can’t, I decided the same. So, anything that’s going to affect my riding, I won’t do.

    • I have the magazine you’re referring with the interview,it was the Ride USA.I am riding flatland almost 30 years and I’m planning to ride for another 30 years Tristan!!!

  8. Giannis, how many contests have you won and how many ‘real rider’s, are there in Greece, that you’re aware of, thanks.

    • I won 5 times the national championship here in Greece which the first time I was Expert class on my first contest in year 2000.I must have been 15 years old at that time…

  9. Waking up yesterday morning before work , watching THIS got me crazy ammmmmped ! So dope youre keeping the freestyler series going . Your Flatmattersonline. award , SO well deserved / earned , TIMES 7 . Ive been admirer / fan of your edits since 2014 . Its STILL so crazy to me how fast you learn , progress on your bike with your daily life . Like I stated before………..its always trippy watching your edits…..you NEVER know just what trick / combo / variations is gonna get pulled …..and its ALWAYS an original concept …ALWAYS. I mean when I think of M.O.C. , TOP 20 riders ever with huge tricktionarys , riders who CONSTANTLY push the art form with originality , riders who think / ride outside the box , riders who are lifers …..all of these things . Your name constantly comes to mind . Again , like Ive stated ….OVER 100 edits , different tricks , combos , variations ……in ONLY a couple years time……..seriously , THAT screams volumes ! Then I check this edit……….newly learned tea kettle , butter slip bar flip turbines , x-leg juggler / back packer turbine combos …..its funny ….whenever I see a new concept / move come out …I wonder if you’ve either attempted , pulled or tried it……….then you would drop a new edit……….question ANSWERED , hahahaha. Now with you riding double fronts right now………its like basically giving Mat Hoffman , a bionic antidote where he would never feel pain ever again …….and everyones seen how hard hes STILL riding his vert ramp , SOLO , on his YouTube channel to this day……….again congrats , Giannis on the award /medal . Best of luck with your elbow , cause myself and EVERYONE will be STOKED to watch your edits as they drop online ! I ll say it again ……..Brett Downs stated that Kevin Jones watches YOUR edits……..MIC DROP , NUFF SAID………….

    • WOW Rodney you writing comments like you are raping dude!you freestyle on your keyboard mi hermano!!ahahahahahaha!You know my brother you are one of the reasons I started this series AND the reason I continue….I was going to end this in 100…BUT I flashback to my mind why I began the freestyler series,to inspire and to give ideas to riders that share the same passion with me,Flatland…From November 2014 when my first freestyler edit dropped nobody ever said/wrote any bad comments here on flatmatters at me…everyone were positive on their feedback even when I am doing somebody else’s trick…Here in Greece everybody were cursing me everytime I was learning a new trick…They were saying ”Giannis is doing Blenders,he’s a copycat of Martti Kuoppa.Giannis is pulling megaspins to perverted decades,he’s copying Chase.Every trick I was learning they never said congrats…and anytime I was replying that I am doing also original tricks I had on my list at that moment they were laughing at me,they’re saying ”come on man,there’s no way you have original tricks,its 2001,there is no way…”Rodney I remember this past era as a joke,everyone were narrowminded ,they never thought outside the box you know…and don’t think that I am drunk right now like in this past January that I read the results of Outstanding Contribution Award….I am sober !!!ahahahah!Rodney keep riding hard and progressing mi amigo,I’m here for good and for the best reasons…

      • @Giannis – I don’t think you can make 100 edits at over 8 minutes long average if you aren’t in it for the right reasons. You deserved the award on so many levels. Stoked to see you carry on and see how far you can take it and keep enjoying flatland.

        • Sooooo pleased with your words Effraim that i dont know what to say…the only way to thank you is to continue the freestyler series and yes BigE i am doing it for the right reasons…again thank you for the medal a million times and……really touching message you sent me along with the trophy…I will keep it deep in my heart forever…

  10. Giannis – So happy you decided to keep putting out the videos! I look forward to seeing them for inspiration and am always amazed by your creativity & deep bag of tricks. 101 was particularly great!

    I’m sorry to hear you have some elbow issues. If you haven’t seen it, check the link below – it’s a mini-article I wrote on elbow pain and flatland. This movement in particular has helped quite a few riders get their elbows back. Let me know how it goes if you try it!


    • So great to hearing from you especially Scott that you are psyched for continuing freestyle series!!I think you’re one of the guys who hoped in freestyler100 to be continued…thank you very much Scott for your kind words,you are an experienced flatlander who appreciates the struggle of freestyle to be creative and always have new tricks to come up with…I noticed that on your edits also!!Keep in mind that I also take ideas and inspiration from you!!You see…its all about to document,share and progress!!Now for the elbow,its 3 weeks now that tendonitis faced its ugly face to me but I still manage to ride every single day at least 4 hours a day wearing that elastic thing to my elbow and I’m quite good so far but I don’t pressure it that much…I’ll check that topic you’re reffering and I will let you know….again many thanks Scott and keep creating!!

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