Will Redd – 45th birthday edit

Will Redd 45th birthday edit from Will Redd on Vimeo.

Will Redd celebrates his 45th birthday with a session at his London Bikes flatland riding spot over in Texas. Loving the double footed one handed elbow glide to turbine hitch back to elbow glide bar flip out at the 00:09. Also, keep an eye out for the F truck line at the end. Happy birthday Will!

8 thoughts on “Will Redd – 45th birthday edit

  1. Will has always been a rad rider. So stoked to see him still riding and progressing after all these years.!!!! Most people don’t get how difficult it is to learn elbow stuff on the opposite side and in some cases opposite foot as well…My favorite clips so far of 2019…

  2. Great riding and cool style!loved those elbow lines and the F truck line with footjam decade out yes!!Happy Birthday Will! You Will ride for a lot of years to come!Ha!

  3. Will has always kept his riding level high with his own flavor/ touch to his lines ! Always progressing / evolving . I love that he took elbow / forward side glides to crazy progressive heights . This dude is one of the elites , for real man………right after finals @ Voodoo Jam 2015 , Will was in the hotel lobby with all the riders chilling when Ucchie came through the doors pointing at Will and SHOUTING m.v.p., m.v.p. !! That’s the kind of impression he made after his prelim and final run . Happy belated birthday , Will ! Watching your riding since 1995 has been super rad , homie ! Really dope exclusive to post , Effraim !

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