Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #112

It is crazy to think even with the injury set backs, Giannis Caternellis has had. He is still able to throw down a new edit almost every week, Giannis has unlocked the door on the controlled one footed hitched one footed backpacker. And even using his hoodie pocket, drops a no handed one footed hitch in this one, go watch this. Giannis is incredible, respect!

48 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #112

  1. Respect Big E goes to you for running this awesome platform so I can bring new tricks out of my pocket hoodie……literally!ahahah! Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year.Santa visited me and came with lots of goodies….!

      • Overwhelmed Big E by your words and from all the responses I got from the community….Funny that you mentioned injuries since i am a couple of days now off from riding due to a lower back pain….the extra hours these last months and the early morning 8 o’clock sessions in quarantine!Man my body is already destroyed and I am 37….how should I reach Pete Brandt or Marton’s age??Ahaha!Salud Mr.Flatmatters!

      • Respect for still riding and progressing brother! I haven’t met you since many years but your skills on the bike still motivate! Keep it up!

          • Yes bro! That’s me… Hopdfully, we ride together again… Keep up your good work! Greek Flatland scene needs it…

          • Aaaa great Chris how you doing bro?? I thought you might be Chris Bohm cause you said many years haven’t met me and I rode with Bohm in Cologne back in 2008!haha!yeah hope we can ride together in the future just because we love it, not for any damn scene…. The Greek flatland scene, besides you and a couple of others, is full of posers and arrogant douchbags…. Trust me I know that from first hand. Take care brother, keep riding hard!

  2. That’s the biggest “holy grail” moment since Brandon Derbowka did the non-handed whiplashes.

    What makes this so special is that everyone has thought about it and so many people have tried to learn it. I remember Jesse Puente trying to find it in 2004, but he never got it.

    The xft one was amazing! So long and super unexpected that you would go no handed. Great work!

    • Thank you so much Paul for the props and for pointing Brandon.In fact,the moment Brandon published the no handed whiplashes and the no hands hitch juggler I was like’ Ok the level now has raised……What I could do with hitchhiker to reach that level??I was sooo jealous about that level and in my mind the no handed scenario was playing a lot….Finally after watching Pedro Melo in Nice very nice do that one foot hitch,wheels set into motion to learn something new,original….NDB as they say with the hitch theme..I am so stoked to pull that one foot no hands hitch that far….let alone the cross footed version no handed aka Maradona hiker!Cheers Paul again man for paying attention….means a lot to me really that real flatlanders understand what I am doing on a bicycle……

  3. Thanks Lachlan for contributing and commenting man!Its been a crazy year especially for me,I wasn’t riding until August and 4 months later is such a relief to get back where I was before the injury…I will try to stick on that banger path you say!Its a yin yunk type of training….the bangers need enormous amount of time and its wrecking nerve when you don’t get close.The universe all came together to pull the tricks of this edit during that second quarantine and with all the lunatic situation around the world…Cheers Lachlan,I will give my best to continue bringing new tricks into life…

    • Thanks so much Man!Yeah turbine is on the table but the ultimate variation could be kick flip like…one footed hitch kickflip back to one footed hitch….or cross legged one footed hitch aka Maradona hiker kickflip to one foot hitch…aka Martti’s kickflip back in Flatground era.Theres a clip on YouTube from Flatground 03 where he pulls it clean…don’t really,anything is possible….The doors to these tricks are open….who knows what 2021 will bring me??Cheers George once again,happy Christmas holidays to you and for those you love!

  4. Amazing skills!
    This video opens new doors!
    Creative but this time with high level difficulty!
    One footed kickflip to one foot…Lets see it for 2021!
    Ride on!

    • Hey Sakis what’s up dog??Thank you bro for the props,means a lot!Flatland is all about creativity,you are right….and you know that very good.My mind is searching always for different ways to move on my bike,new directions in order to come up with new tricks….and the high level comes after years in the craft….Hoping your wish come true in 2021 about the one foot hitch kickflip….The gates are open!Not Bill!!Hhahah!………..P.s. The middle finger was in the final of Flatring with Martti and Justin.Not Flatground.Do you remember the rivalry between them??

        • .I forgive you,son!Hahaha!yeah it’s easy to be confused and we have been together on so many contest dude!This is what Martti did to Justin on that final….played with his mind…Sure ride on and look forward for a new edit bro….

  5. Thanks r!…yeah sharing my tricks with all of you is about something that feels almost obligation to me….don’t know where I would be if there were no Glote,no Dorkin,no e clips,no intrikat…..just keep it rolling dude it’s my motto….

    • Cheers mate for that! You are one of my main motivations and the best comeback ever in the sport…!! Watching your videos man is bloody awesome! Hehe!

  6. This is right up there with Brandon’s no-handed whips and no handed juggler. Completely mind blowing game changer!!! We’ve all dreamed about a one footed hitch and tried it but shrugged it off as an impossibility of physics. Thank you sir for showing the world that nothing is impossible!!!

    • Thank you Jeremy for your blessing words… It’s such a huge compliment for me to compare with Brandon’s dream tricks…. The suiside whips aka no handed whiplashes and no hands hitch juggler are the ultimate flatland tricks…. Tricks of the decade as lots of riders commenting back then…. Still watching these clips and still can’t believe the jedi mind skills that needed to bring them on camera… Those dream tricks I had in my mind in order to create something NDB…. And I can’t describe you Jeremy the satisfaction I got reading that my new tricks brought you that feelings….. Game changer?? My God…. Don’t know…. But one is for sure… Nothing is impossible…. Greetings sir Jeremy Jones!

  7. Wow Giannis, so damn good!!!. Love the g/turn b’packpacker in that tight circle ,& everything else. They made printed face masks this year, maybe you can make backpacker special edition hoody, haha!.

    • Geia sou Tristan megale! Google that mate in Greek to learn it! Hahaha! What’s up my brother? Yeah that backpacker g turn was tight and what about pulling it no hands one footed?? Gonna try it in the new year…. About the printed masks,better I should print a mask with my smile I have right now on my face…! Ahaha! Rider’s around the world recognizing my accomplishments is the best flatland feeling…. Almost feels like I’m drunk from the day this edit uploaded here on Flatmatters…. And I am sober! Ahaha hahaha! Well maybe I will celebrate it later with a pint…. Or 2!Heheee!

          • Hahaha! Dude you are on point! Especially ouzo comes from my island Lesvos…. The first lesbian Sappho was from there! Ha! My father was born there and I go in the summer for vacation, I have a house for holidays… You are invited Tristan anytime you want to come and ride together… And drink ouzo of course! Aha!

          • Yes mate yiasou means hello but when you raise you glass to say cheers you say giamas which means, we drink for the shake of our health!

    • Obrigado Romullo! Ha! The balancing point is to put your foot as forward as you can…. You reach to the point that only your heel steps on the peg and the rest foot is completely on the fork… You also place that foot, the left that we are talking about, closer to the wheel…. Almost on the axle! Sometimes my shoe is grinding to the spokes! Hahaha! It’s so much fun trick, I don’t get it… How was untouched for so many years?? I’m pretty sure in Brazil someone has pulled it before me! Ahaha! And gave the name Pele! Ahaha! Not Maradona as I call the cross footed version! Ha! Very good riding from you also Romullo! I love Brazil… Parabens!!

  8. Not sure if anyone said, & l forgot to say before, but l think you’d probably do well in current contests, Giannis. I certainly believe you’d bring something different to them. I hope your body holds up for many years, so we can get to see more of you. Honestly, l think you’ve got much more creativity to display. A great end to a challenging year for all & thank you.

    • Well said mate, a challenging year to all… Myself I struggled a lot… I gave my fight… Mind fight…. But in the end, I stand up and continue my journey. If I had to compete this moment, I would compete with these tricks of my edit… Have them quite dialed…. The one footed hitchhiker I have it as a warm up trick! When I go to the spot and have my stretch routine, first trick I pull is 1 foot hitch…. But contests are useless… So I prefer to ride for progression and not to impress a bunch of crowd which have no idea what flatland really means…. Read my interview… All the answers are there buddy….

  9. OMG, shocked.
    Too much for One single edit ! What an awesome vidéo, Must watch for me ! That was just mind blowing Giannis !!!
    One ft technique on lock, let’s see a kickflip now !

    • Merci Maxime! Appreciate your words to the Max! Aha! To be honest…. I am trying to get the Must Watch tag for years…. I got it on December 2016 between part 1 and part 2 of my Flatmatters interview… Since then, I’m chasing it……… There is something magic and powerful about the must watch…. Who knows?? Maybe one day I will get it again………… Much love Maxime. Let’s go for kick flip! Allez!

      • And here we are…. 8 edits later,my wish came true!!!Let’s go for the next one…..ha!!Cheers Big E and have a nice flatland weekend to all the flatmatters community….

  10. I’m STILL taking this edit in …… me it’s like the first time I saw Dorkin In York part 4 ! So many N.B.D.s ,and originality manifested , TIMES 7………voting for my personal picks in each category for this year’s awards was REALLY tough . Going through EVERY rider’s You Tube , Face Book , Instagram , and ALL their online content , edits , contest runs , ….EVERTHING …..rallying it all up in my mind , finally deciding , was almost impossible for me this year , haha ! However……..after seeing THIS edit of Giannis … choice for breakthrough rider of the year was as EASY of a choice as it is for me decide if I’m going to eat food for the day , haha !! The BMX King of Greece got my vote for THAT category ,and very much well earned / deserved it , FULL STOP ……and to think he came through with all these N.B.D.s ……AFTER not being on his bike for months on end !! Can you say CORE ?! Giannis Caternellis sure CAN ………….like I said , I’m STILL this edit it ………it’s a BANGER !!

    • Hola que Pasa hermano, con te Stas? Hahajhahah! At least I gave it a try!! Aha!! Gracias amigo for your constant interest, nonstop attention to my thing….. 2020…..what a year for me. You gave me hope to jump on my kgb more amped and more determined not only to get back to the level I was but….. to open new ground and create something new, original…. NBD as you say cabrone…. I am very proud about 110 and 111 episodes but this Freestyler 112 was the cherry on top of the cake for my progress… These 3 edits is my 4 months riding! I counted the hours I putted from 31 August to 31 of December and the hours were almost the same as in 2019!!Ridiculous…! Early morning sessions.. 7 am, 8 am was my routine everyday before work, after work…. Taking days off from work to ride 5 hours that day off…. Felt like Martti in his green quamen Era! Haha! Tough training but in the end…. The result is magnificent and pushed even more the envelope…… Thank you sooooooooo much jeffe for all you have done for me and for voting me in the awards….. I wish your vote goes for winning!……. Ps. I noticed the tribute edit you made for me on your YouTube…. You got those backpacker Wild amigo! Smooth as glass! I am honoured about that cabrone….. I can only give you the promise that my next edit is gonna be even better….. Thanks a million King Rodney, Mr Longest combo ever!!!

      • I must give credits to the one and only…… Kevin Jones for this particular edit. You said Rodney that it felt like you watching Dorkin in York 4……well,this is exactly what I wanted you to feel because…. I do nothing more than continuing the legacy that the K left with producing the Dorkin series along with Mark Eaton, Brett Downs, Geoff Martin, Chase and the rest crew of Plywood Hoods….For me, I’ve said it many times, it feels like an obligation to continue and progress what the K accomplished and I think that everybody needs to give props to that man because the whole planet stepped on his tricks in order to be flatland the way it is nowadays….. I am still watching this video on YouTube of Kevin unleashing for the first time the hitchhiker and the backpacker to a contest in Bristol, PA…. The crowd went nuts and he pulled them juggler, from one side to the other…. From elbow glide to hitch juggler and from Jonh donut to backpacker juggler to elephant glide out.!…… And guess what…. Dennis McCoy came first and Kevin 2nd cause the judges werent flatland riders and had no idea what originality was on that Era…. That’s why Kevin stopped the damn competitions and started the Dorkin videos… To show the world what originality means…… This is flatland. New tricks and constant progression…. If I am a better flatlander in 2021,i am because of Kevin Jones and I feel very proud about that…..

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