12 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis: Freestyler #115

  1. Hi Giannis, very impressive again! The variety of your riding is intense and here you showed new tricks again (not 100 % sure because I missed some of your videos) which are really difficult as I can only imagine because I am far from that level.
    By the way: Are you back for good with your old setup with the T. I. bar? I like it much more than the 2-piece bar that you used. What are the reasons? Thanks.

    • Thank you DaddyCool for your attention,glad you’re impressed!All the links you see in this edit are new and in every edit…The goal is to keep pushing this concept of hitchhiker and backpacker as far as I can and to be honest there is a long way ahead….Its so much more difficult this riding than it looks….The backpacker bikeflip jump to hitchhiker you watch in the first combo and in a couple of others is soooooo hard and you have to be really precise on the jump to avoid hitting your legs on the ground.Couple of years now I’m on this path and the set up with the T.I. bars and front brakes are perfect for barflips and switching over the bars….Yeah used to ride 2 piece bars and brake less for about a year cause I wanted to try some tricks like stemlash and push staff without brakes like decades.It was a fun period but I dont like riding without brakes and I hate 2pc bars!!Running T.I. bars the last 15 years is my thing and definitely has progressed my riding far more than any other set up….Also,I love that this concept there are not many riders that following and I like seeing dudes like Terry and Dom on the podium because of it…..

  2. BOOOM!! Hell yeah G! Lovin that Pete B style backpacker jump to hitch right off the bat in this edit! I’m actually kinda jealous, as I’d LOVE to be able to hit that switch. I think Pete dropped that one in flatsphere? but i could be wrong. Super sick stuff regardless of whos doin it. Stoked to see you keep pushing bro. Thanks for documenting the mad shredding. Every freestyler opens new doors in our minds. Its insane to think you’ve belted out over a 100 of these!!!

    • Hey Brent thanks a lot man!That backpacker jump to hitch seems impossible but you can do it bro….hold the peg behind your back steady,roll a big circle and when you complete that circle you jump with both feet the same time….don’t worry too much about the bike cause it will follow the momentum of the circle.Your mind must be always on your feet to land both on the pegs….I think you’re right about Pete B doing it in flatsphere and the first time I saw Pete pulling it was in Flatground,February 2004 where I was too….magic moment when you see a trick in person for the first time that nobody else does….Pete had a lot of bangers that period and still has.Stoked that you watch all the freestyler edits and you get motivation….thats my aim dude cause I get also moto from you from shredding in your flatland space and even with low temperatures…..I’m jealous about your spot man!Hah!Cheers Brent about your kind words here and also on youtube…..Respect to you!

  3. You were correct , campeon ! After immediately checking your channel…….BAM , there it was , haha….I posted it on my F.B. timeline and bruuuuuuv…….again , you came out slinging HAMMER lines ! I’m still taking in this edit , however ……combo @ 2.09 is MADNESS . Jaffa whips , AND that back packer bike varial to hitchhiker , all sewn together for one serious link ! Damn , King…….INFINITE skill level . I asked………and I received …….115 edits and the progression / innovation just got more intense and SLLLLLAAAAMMED in every single one . Giannis , you’ve pushed the sport / artform once AGAIN , hermano……..I’ll be commenting on this edit again soon…….

    • Gracias amigo for every single word…..its a huge satisfaction when YOU hermano dig in any Freestyler edit pops up and you give love back to me…Thanks to all of you folks who like these videos of my riding because i cant describe you the struggle and the pain to bring those tricks to life….i can only give you the result and from your responces makes me feel that it worths the effort…..HUGE RESPECT.

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