7 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #22

  1. STILL desperately trying to watch / catch up …..with EVERY edit , Giannis ! ANOTHER earlier …..SLAMMMMMMMMMM DOZERED edit , way back in 2015 . The pedal switch hand steam , switching feet , MID-LINE , the rope spin to ONE handed , double foot ice cream spin , forward AND backwards spinning ,ruled also……….and that PERFECT blender was sweet ! Even throwing the half decade exit ! SO many rad lines in this edit………it coulda dropped YESTERDAY , online…….and it would STILL hold weight , if ya catch my drift , cabrone ! This edit is YEARS old , and kills it ! VERY eager to see just what youre gonna drop for LIL DOSES and your NEW edit …..till then……THIS edit just got me SEEEEZZZZZIIIED , in other words , HYPED to go session my bike right……NOW , thanks for ALWAYS channeling THAT kind of ENERGY in EVERY edit , campeon !!

    • Thank you my brother for your words and thats something that gives me energy for tommorows session,just like yours!!You are a rider of details…catching a lot of little things that very few people can identify…or accept,if you know what i mean.Ive said it before but really cabrone this Freestyler series belong to flatlanders like you,enjoying and getting extra push for the next session.This week a new Freestyler edit will drop…stay tuned!Keep riding hard mi amigo!

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