Hastings Lets Go Jam

James White came through as always with this solid edit from Sunday’s Lets Go jam down in Hastings, UK organised by Amos Burke. Props to the guys that made it down and made the most of the damp carpark, and braved the conditions. Really enjoyed watyching this one, the soundtrack definitely adds and fits the UK vibe!

4 thoughts on “Hastings Lets Go Jam

  1. Flap jacks AND freak squeaks.( thought I was the only one doing these in 2023 , ha ! ) Chris Brown’s riding style, like Garret Byrnes ……timeless and NEVER loses it’s flair . Sick brakeless style ! Digging the double footed fork role- stance , Amos ! This scene is packed with various style of lines , tricks and good times rolling . Thank you , Amos for putting this on and mad respect to every rider’s lines that they busted down, for the camera . U.K. STAND UP …….as , Effraim would say about the riding in this jam video……” AAAAAAOOOOOTTT ! “

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