Athens Mall Jam 2023

Flatland lifer, Rob Alton took a short break from coaching flatland at his amazing Sportszone venue in Budapest, Hungary and made the trek to Athens Greece.
You may recognise this spot from previous videos featuring Sakis Doumas, this jam edit features the likes of Rob, Sakis Doumas, Giannis Caternellis, George Kikos, and many more.
Enjoy this one, well worth a watch!

5 thoughts on “Athens Mall Jam 2023

  1. Sakis’ opening combo is fire! That’s so rad you can all have sessions in that place. It would have to be a special event, with licenses and insurance taken out and in place for the specific dates and riders, for it to happen where I’m at. We’d have to open our wallets wide and throw the all mighty dollar at it to ride in a mall. Do you guys have to pay anything or sign liability forms to ride in there? Greece is a fascinating place, with a bunch of savage awesome riders! Nice riding and edit.

    • yoo,
      thanks for the nice words.
      This place is so good to ride!
      Its the flattest area i have ever ride!
      This is a mall,the jam is underground!
      All shops are closed at 25th of march.
      Its a a mall with no security,so when the shops are closed we can ride.
      There will be a bigger video with more combos up soon..

  2. That 1st line ruled …. starting with a manual ( those are hard ! ) , dumping to fudge packer . Rolling it on both pedals , no handed , etc …so stoked Sakis is back in rolling- pedal power mode . Giannis ruling pedaling death trucks and Ceppie stance slides , those were dope . Rob Alton , love his aggressive / fast style . Especially busting lines to my favorite jam by Wu ! This jam and every rider in it was rad , times 7……thank you , E for posting this and all riders ripping in this video on that perfect mall floor ……loved this edit !

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