Heresy 1.90 Zephyr Tyre Review by Jason Forde

Product Reviews are something lacking in flatland, and if they are done they are down by someone who rides for that company. Jason Forde took matters into his own hands, and just published this honest review of the Heresy 1.90 Zephyr tyre…

Would love to see more of this, great stuff!

One thought on “Heresy 1.90 Zephyr Tyre Review by Jason Forde

  1. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this Jason. Super dope getting a real riders opinion vs the company that’s manufacturing the product. Knowing that a 1.75 is in the works is quite the ill piece of info, as that’s my preferred tire size. Looks like it handles and wears well on asphalt/courser surfaces. Seems worth a try. Wish someone would have done a real deal review on Primo comets before I wasted the cash on those slow sticky soft turds. After seeing this I’m willing to once again temporarily diverg from my Oddy Frequency Gs and give a pair a spin. Thanks and big ups on the straight up product review.

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