Episode 63: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Joe Cicman


It’s Sunday 6pm GMT, and time for episode 63 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. This week we have a feature with Joe Cicman, this Joe’s third FM exclusive. Right now he has the record for the most exclusives since I started these back up in January 2020.
Forgive the pun, but “Fact or Freestyle” is this the world’s longest no-handed steam?
Fanks Joe for contributing, whose got the next clip?

7 thoughts on “Episode 63: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Joe Cicman

  1. nice! Great control, looks like it takes some core strength to maintain.

    Please keep these exclusives coming, I very much look forward to them every week. One of these days I even hope to submit my own.

  2. THIS sh-t STOKED me today !! C,mon Joe …….NO handed , just literally FLOATING and holding this tight circle/ double foot steam -hybrid 2027 move !! What in the actual hell is going on with BMX Flatland these days ??! I swear my old school riding buddies and myself used to stay up late after riding sessions , drinking Shasta soda , reading FREESTYLIN magazine ……and JOKE about moves like THIS …..like TOTALLY …..JOKING that ” yeah riders are gonna ROLL this or that…..NO handed , haha ” If anyone would of told me back then that someone WAS going to get THESE type of moves …..actually PULLED …..I would of been like ” yeah , THAT person is delusional , THAT’S not even possible , haha ” To think …….it took me ONE YEAR to ride in and out …….of a REGULAR steam roller , hahaha……FANKS , Mr. Cicman for turning the ” jokes ” into REALITY , thus evolving Flatland to another………DIMENSION !!

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