HF Monthly 2017/11

Pinch, punch first of the month and we get off to our December posts with an awesome edit from Japan. Underground basement session styles in the November edition of the “HF Monthly 2017” series featuring Hanoi Imai, Akira “Kyan” Muramatsu, Kira Komagata, Takahiro Enoki, Akira Okamura, and Katsushi Tanaka.

4 thoughts on “HF Monthly 2017/11

  1. HOW did I MISS ………..THIS edit !!! AGREED , RIPPERS=JAY / VALANCE , ALSO LOVING me some FRESH Akira footage , he threw that PEDALS time machine in HIS mix just to LET EM KNOW !!!!!!! Kyrans RIDING reminds me of Masashi Itani , AND that’s a GREAT thing to BEHOLD !!! That hiker / jump -turn to ice cream DARK SIDE , ENOYANGs X-LEG hiker , BACKWARDS back packer WHIPLASH exit , PEDAL switch five line , EVERYONE riding , the UNDERGROUND vibe / feel of THIS edit ALL ruled , just BUMMED that HIROKI himself wasn’t SHREDDING his BIKE in THIS , HE RULED at VOODOO JAM 2015 !!!!!

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