High Rollers 6: Journey / 1997

Pure gold from the archives right here, I haven’t watched this one in years. Looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and watching this gem courtesy of the Snakebite BMX! Highrollers 6 is not to be missed, great soundtrack and great riding from Canadian shredders, Jason Brown R.I.P, Jamie Macintosh, Andrew Paris and more mixed in with straight up BMX!

3 thoughts on “High Rollers 6: Journey / 1997

  1. Such a rad BMX film , watching it NEVER gets old …….got in on V.H.S. , haha ! Mostly all disciplines of BMX ridden / represented well in this , TONS of dope riders , TIMES 7 . My favorite rider in this classic ?! What can I say………JASON BROWN r.i.p. ,all damn day !! Bars big PEDAL tomahawk spin , MID-LINE …….WITH a decade to PEDALS ! Also that SLLLAAAMMMED DOWN combo in the credits , all his original bar flips , switches , transitions , laced up with a STYLISH x-up rocket stall exit !!

  2. @ 2.16 minutes……he jumps over the bars , lands pedal stance… on the other side , having to hold his back brake to keep his pedal still ,while in the tomahawk spin……and that’s after all the tech bar flip / twitch stuff he did before and after the line. Jason Brown , r.i.p…..was as technical as you could get during every single one of his signature links ……

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