One thought on “Lísias Tabarelli Santos: Flatland

  1. Loved Lisias’s riding since early 2005 , his section in the bonus, of Chad Johnston’s Mixt video . He’s ALWAYS been so original and unique . I.e. , his X-arm , rear peg grab crack packer , mid-line in this edit………AND not to mention that one online contest that Jesse Puente put on some years ago , for most the ORIGINAL riding that year . Winner received Jesse’s first signature, prototype K.H.E. premium Lagger frame from 1997………Lisias WON that contest. Dude’s BEEN a ruler ! He’s the creator and the only rider to this day, to do a spinning steam……BOTH FEET STANDING ON THE BARS , crouched over . To make matters even more crazy….. he would do THAT trick to START long lines………nuff said..

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