Irina Sadovnik wins the Women’s UCI 2019 World Championships

What a moment we just witnessed here in Chengdu, China! Irina Sadovnik battling a knee injury that kept her out of practise yesterday, had the run of her life riding flawless and taking the first Women’s UCI World Championship flatland title ahead of Misaki Katagiri and Julia Press. It’s party time for Irina! Pro finals up next….

2 thoughts on “Irina Sadovnik wins the Women’s UCI 2019 World Championships

  1. This is great for females in our mostly male sport/ art form. Hopefully this encourages others to ride. Congrats Irina.

  2. Ya couldn’t of said it better , Tristan ! SAAALLLLUUUUUUD , Irina !!! This is such a MAJOR accomplishment for you . Ripping through your run , battling an injury……well…THAT just demands that much MORE respect and props . Watching the live stream , this contest looked liked SO much pressure , being the HUGE scale of a land mark event for bmx , that it is , I can totally see why . This is so dope ! The MORE women in bmx……the BETTER ! Seeing how dialed /effortless you SLLLLAAAAAAMMMM and roll through your hikers , Irina ……a trick Ive battled with since friggin 2000 , hahaha……your SMOOOTH hikers just RE -motivated me to want to try to do em / get em a lil more controlled and a lil more dialed ! So thanks for the motivation for that trick, and stoke with this SUPER prestigious / awesome victory in the WORLD championships !!!

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