Dominik Nekolny wins the 2019 UCI World Championship

Congratulations to Dominik Nekolny who just won the 2019 UCI World Championship with a amazing flawless run and took the famous rainbow jersey. Dom was followed by Matthias Dandois and Moto Sasaki who both threw down flawless runs, the level of riding was one of the best I have ever judged. What a contest! Buzzing!

3 thoughts on “Dominik Nekolny wins the 2019 UCI World Championship

  1. Congrats ….Dom / EVERY rider in this EPIC event , such a rad comp to watch ! Been a long time coming , this event . You RULE for all these frequent update , Big -E ! Cant imagine just how difficult it was to judge this contest …….but ….I bet it friggin was so much of a rush to watch , as every run unfolded !! Im STILL ammmmped up on the F.I.S.E. Chengdu comp …….now…..THIS !! Flatland bmx is TOO slllaaaaaammmmed , and just keeps getting better and better as time goes on . This event , the A.F.A comps , Flatland Voodoo Jam , the B.I.T.R. events , etc , etc…….just really makes be STOKED / PROUD to be a bmxer …..since 1984 , haha. TERRY ADAMS in 4th , reppin da U.S. bmx scene !! ALBERTO MOYA reppin da Spain bmx scene …….wish VIKI GOMEZ woulda been in attendance !

  2. Just watched his run from Our bmx.As I am a rider running dual front brakes I’m really stoked that a rider with double front brakes won the world championship such as Dom!Congrats and amazing run you did Dom,wow!

  3. Watching Doms run I noticed something…a couple of days ago I was searching for Moto’s 3 minute combo from back in the ground tactics 2010 entry and in one comment I saw a link of Dom’s 3 minute combo.In the comments section of Dom’s link I red the controvercy between Viki and Dom about originality of that 3 minute combo and that he shouldn’t use tricks of Viki,Martti,Jammar and Justin Miller for that particular link or in his agenda in general.Seems like Dom stayed away in China from the so called ‘Viki’ tricks such as cross footed steam jumps over frame to steam and that half packer pivots to cross foot steam that he did on the 3 minute combo…I don’t know if it was on purpose or what.Don’t get me wrong I like Viki,s riding a lot,he’s one on my favourite riders but I saw in Dominik’s run in China something wonderful…I saw a flawless run full of hard tricks and the use of brakes in this ‘brakeless’ world we live.Yes he did tricks of Martti,Yammar and Justin on his routine but he stayed true to his riding identity and he pulled a hell of a run in the final to knock everyone out and become world champion…Dom has created his very own style from his bike that screams flatland to the tricks he’s doing them putting his own twist…I’m very proud of you Dom,you deserved every single moment of celebration in there!Really I hate contests but your win reminds me that flatland wins in the end.Wish you all the best and keep riding with the same passion you do,you have your own identity…Thank you very much for this and congrats once again.Giannis Caternellis.

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