How to become more efficient with higher and better Focus

I just landed back into the UK after 11 days of being blocked from YouTube in China and there is a lot to catch up on. First up, is this fresh Freestyle Tactics episode by the main man himself, Lionel Cardoso that goes in depth on different methods of how to become more efficient with higher and more effective focus.

Back to normal updates from tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “How to become more efficient with higher and better Focus

  1. A lot of riders need to watch this and understand what they’re doing to other riders, Tristan carver is one of those guys who will distract you when you’re in the zone, when he rode! He would come up and question you about the trick you just did, it’s peeved a lot of riders off, many come to ride and enjoy the session while they can, if a rider is distracted this way it’s really hard to get focus again because someone wants to satisfy their own wants but in actual fact is selfish and ignorant, I’m not having a go at you either Tristan, I don’t think you realised the impact you created doing this, it’s really not a meet up and chat thing, and we all know you like to talk a lot. Sad but true. I hope my post isn’t taking you away from your focus, achieve what you set out to do before time catches up on you.

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