Rolling Tuff

Rolling Tuff from James McGraw on Vimeo.

Before the Battle in the Rockies contest, James McGraw had Bruno Zebu & Mates Tucek staying at his house and of course, riding the Tintadome they got this fun edit done as a pre-hype to the contest. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch it in China, nevertheless all three riders kill it in their own way and this definitely worth a watch. That intro tho….

3 thoughts on “Rolling Tuff

  1. Like how this starts, 2 guys waiting by the car & 1 guy opens the door, just like a scene from the Godfather, haha! Are they heading to the boulevard to talk business, haha! Oh the riding of the rider doing those x footed steams to normal foot positioning back to x footed 1/2 hike, l think it was, is smooth and great to watch. And l never get sick of Jame’s spinning dump trucks, depending what you call them, in what part of the globe.Throw in Jame’s incredible enthusiasm & you’ve got a great edit. Good times.

  2. Yeah good times in Colorado!Bruno and Mates are the masters of cross footed pivots and 2 of my favourite riders to watch…Lucky James!!!

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