James McGraw – 49 Birthday edit

49 Birthday edit from James McGraw on Vimeo.

The screamer himself, James McGraw celebrates his 49th birthday today and shows no signs of slowing down his riding progression, or his screaming for that matter. Flatland keeps us young, long may it continue. I know James has been chasing the ender pedal pivot for a while, and nails it smooth as. Hit play and enjoy this one everyone!

5 thoughts on “James McGraw – 49 Birthday edit

  1. Always great seeing veteran riders, but even more so, when they’re still riding and getting better with age. Lots of respect and happy b’day James.

  2. Tough tricks, especially the balance point on the pedal. Nicely done. I’m still struggling trying to figure out how to pump those damn half hikers. Happy B-Day from one vet rider to the next.

  3. You need to bottle that passion and sell it! Awesome video James. I am starting to question if age is just a number!

  4. It is just a number Aaron. I don’t know if you heard about a 60 year old guy, about 2 or 3 years ago. Apparently he was really good from what I heard. I was amazed to hear about him and so since then, I just think, as long as the body’s willing, then keep going. Many street, dirt, park riders are done before 40 and even 45. But, there’s exceptions such’s Dmc, Simon Tabron, Matt HoffmanJaime Bestwick and the others in their disciplines.

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