James McGraw: Better with Age

James McGraw from James McGraw on Vimeo.

I am so late to the party posting this one, I can almost hear the gnashing of James’ teeth for Colorado. The title “Better with Age” is a bold one, but I have to agree Mr McGraw shows no sign of slowing down. Worth highlighting a few things that I was stoked on!

-The no handed switch b jump to junkyard at 00:46!
-Ice Cream pivot switch b rideout with no scuff at 1:34!
-Pedal Time pedal pivot to junkyard line at 2:54, all in a FM tee no less….
– And my favourite, the banger at 3:13!

Enough of my descriptions, go watch this one if you haven’t already, Sorry this took so long to get online James!

5 thoughts on “James McGraw: Better with Age

  1. James texted me every 7 hours wondering why this wasn’t published. But in that time he told me that this one time he jumped off a 15 foot wall to land on a guy who stole a woman’s purse. Then I did the math and determined he has exceptional intuitive timing. This, I believe, helps his bike flips.

  2. The title should be in all CAPS ! Duuuuuuuude……….he just unleashed an edit with all NEW variations , techniques ……..AND laced them up into some fierce LINES . This seriously makes my night ! ( and my dumb ass almost didn’t log on tonight , haha …STOKED I did to catch this ! ) James has steadily progressed his riding since his return in mid 2001 ( orange Quamen era , A.F.L. comp in a dark warehouse where all the competitors pretty much competed in the dark , except for a weak generator ..) This RULES ……over 50 and STILL hanging and banging with the sport……hell bruv , this is a MUST WATCH in my opinion !!

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