11 thoughts on “Jason Forde: Jay Day

  1. Smooth , clean lines , laced up with your effortless style , Jay ! The second one was a HAMMER slung with authority . So rad , you shouting out to Day …I still remember the first time I got to see him session @ the Bicycle Stunts contest in Oklahoma City , Mat Hoffmans skate park . I went in 1994 and 1995 , Labor Day weekend ……that cat rode HARD for hours ….AFTER and BEFORE the contest even started , haha….I saw him learn his signature forward to backwards ice cream / decade move @ around 8.40 P.M. ,that Sunday…. right before all my friends and I drove all the way back to San Antonio Texas . He even took his seat off to learn it ! My bruv , Steven Centeno has the whole thing on V.H.S. tape , haha…..Day Smith is a G.O.A.T. , TIMES 7 . Thanks , Jay for bringing back that SLLLAAAAMMED X-leg to regular stance hiker technique , even using it in such a super difficult combo ! I enjoyed this lil edit , Jay ! Cheers , campeon !

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