Episode 51: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Will Redd


We are back on the road towards 100 episodes of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, today London Bikes CEO, Will Redd comes through with Episode 51!
Over the last five or so years, I have been lucky enough to get to see Will ride in person at the Battle in the Rockies contest in Colorado. Will is one of the most skilled riders in the game, such a strength in depth to what he’s doing on a 20 inch bike.
And he comes through right here with a amazing twist on the forward side glide, an old school flatland trick comes with a new school twist and that’s what freestyle is all about!

Thanks Will for contributing, whose got episode 52?

6 thoughts on “Episode 51: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Will Redd

  1. Oh fuck yeah!! London Bikes represent! This mans taken the elbow and side glide game to the next level. Years ago I got to see and ride a London south bank. Amazing welding and craftsmanship went into that thing. Still love the style of the head, down and top tube junction on that frame. Will is such an awesome representative of of bmx and flat life. Props!

  2. Well said from yall both , B.Z. / Giannis ! First time I got to see and meet Will in person was in 1995 ….Oklahoma Bicycle Stunt series contest / Mat Hoffmans skate park on Labor Day weekend . It was his first Pro contest and he SLLLAAAAMMMED it ,without even being just a little bit nervous . Left cross E-squeakS -bar leap to elephant glide and death truck to PEDAL puppet , with a kinda bike flip exit were two of the lines he had that placed in pretty damn well in a stacked class of all the heavy hitters …..Degroot , Hanson , Brown R.I.P. , Mcgraw , Weed , Smith , Cardosa , Peters , Olic , Mckinney , Meyer , etc ,etc ……they were all in attendance doing battle to make it to the final round ! Will BUSTED OUT on his bike that day , and continued to do so for many , many years to follow . Even being one of the first riders here in Texas besides Reggie Falcon , Alfonso Zamora , and Dominic Impalleri to remove both his brakes and progress / push the sport like crazy . Check LOITER PART 2 on the Claybom Youtube channel to see what Im on about . Been a huge fan of Will for many moons . This exclusive is TOO tech and original as hell ! Stoked where Will has taken side glides since 2014 , with the most mental variations , with such crazy degrees of difficulty , like THIS one ! Also……..Will with brakes on a bike just adds LOADS to his tricktionary , as Effraim stated , his skill set has SO much depth , you would think he was born in York P.A. , if you catch my in the KNOW meaning , haha…….one time in October 2014 , @ Diego Tejadas Freak style contest I luckily made it into the finals …….guess who I had to battle ??! Yup……..Will Redd ! Hahahaha……..I was like a LAMB to a LION , battling him ! Hahaha…..of course he EASILY beat the entire Pro class that day , and there were lots of one on one battles , alot of riders signed up to compete that day . Will Redd destroyed us ALL on his bike that contest …….and he didnt even break a sweat , smiling , joking every minute of the contest………..Will Redd RIPS , TIMES 7 !

    • Respect to you King Rodney for being to that BS Hoffman comp in Oklahoma with all those Big names you mentioned… What an experience my man… I have the BMX plus with photos and article from that era… You lucky one amigo!

  3. Respect right back atcha BMX KING of Greece= Giannis ! Yeah bruv ……those contests were epic , TIMES 7 . All of the cats Ive looked up to right there in front of my face , getting to session bikes with them , then chill sit on my top tube and watching them work and BUST OUT their links , tricks that would later end up in multiple videos months after the contests . All of em were extremely cool , friendly also . Especially Edgar Placensia , Adam Guild , and Bobby Fischer . The one in 1994 our truck over heated BIG TIME as we reached Dallas Texas . We had to let it sit for almost 4 hours , haha. While we were all riding our bikes around Downtown …..we ran into Bobby Fischer and Andrew Burleson again , haha….guess they had left Oklahoma a lil bit before us . We all had a really dope session riding flatland AND street ! This was kinda before I fully commited to riding JUST flatland , so I was running METAL pegs , feeble grinding any ledge that I could bunny hop onto , haha ! I did one that was pretty decent height for my CAGA PALO ass …….and to this day that was the highest ledge that I ever feeble grinded ! I also started working on wheelchair bar flips to funky chickens and scuffing staple gun bar twitches to wheelchairs that day . Remember Paul Palmer R.I.P. , of the BMX Pittsburgh Posse along with Trey Leeper , Val Nasso , Giannis ?? I saw and got those two moves from Paul ! He RULED on his bike , along with Val , Trey that entire weekend ! They all made their riding presence FELT during the contest AND jam circles that popped up during intermissions ! Bobby Fischer also had spinning ONE handed / CROSS ropes , MID- LINE in his combos ……a move that is actually very , very popular TODAY in 2020 ! What a weekend / experience , hermano ! I was lucky to have such a great BMX crew / friends back then to let my annoying ass tag along , haha ! Today in 2020 most of them are STILL riding BMX Flatland as hard as they were back then ! Hell bruv …..wish YOU coulda been there , Giannis ! I bet you were PRO level ,even back then , on second thought I dont even think youre 40 , right ?? I think you started riding in what , 1998 ???

    • Im 37 hermano and started flatland in 1991.Around that great time you talk about 94 and 95 I could do quite some tricks like boumerang, front yard, lard yard, caboose and other stuff… Far away from the pro level you say! Haha! Really I enjoy mi amigo your BMX stories of that era and made me think that today’s riding step on the back of the 90s era for real… Chase also made his mark on those contest I suppose. Good stuff my brother thank you for sharing your experiences!

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