Doses X V2.0

Doses X V2.0 from Doses Flatland on Vimeo.

It’s a good day for content today, if you watched Doses X V1.0 it’s time to watch part 2 of the Doses project put together by Adam Guild.
Featuring Bobby Carter, Thiago BB, Robert Victoria, Adam Guild, Lindsey Bode, Dax Wolford, Juan Carlos Moronta, Matt Thomas, Anthony Schneidewind, Scott Hagnas, Malte Orth, Francis Chase Santos, Sean Porter, Juan Carlos Arracera, Frank Ruiz, Rosey Taylor,
Mark Harris, Rodney Williams.

3 thoughts on “Doses X V2.0

  1. RESPECT , TIMES 7 to Adam Guild and all the riders who made ANOTHER chapter of Doses go off for 2020 ! Everyone BUSTED OUT on their bikes , and there were some new faces as well . Im super stoked to have been a part of these videos again ! They are fun to film for and push your riding @ the same time . Its dope watching a CORE full length BMX video these days , and like the earlier BMX Flatland films of the late 90s -2000s ….. Doses is just THAT…..a CORE film by riders FOR riders ,with the sole purpose of bringing riders together and showcasing their take / flavor of the sport . Doses BMX family / Adam Guild , CHEERS campeons !!

  2. Just finished watching both parts… Congrats to you Adam for making the effort to produce one more time a great flatland film especially on those daily web edit days… Enjoyed every moment… Respect Mr Doses and thank you for your work. Keep it up…

  3. Thanks guys you both rule!!!!! Thanks to E for posting these up. Unless people harass me to do more, I am done with these videos. I just post personal edits on vimeo at this point.

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