Doses X V1.0

Doses X V1.0 from Doses Flatland on Vimeo.

Are you bored of watching edit, edit on the site? And fancy watching a full video, which is kind of rare these days. Adam Guild is one of those riders that takes the time to get riders together and make a full video, Doses X V1.0 features Gilberto Giba, Arturo Garay, Robert Victoria, Teak,Buddy Wingren, Adam Guild, Thiago BB, Jose Polanco, Ramon Lopez-Colon, Anthony Schneidewind, Bri Welch and Rodney Williams.

5 thoughts on “Doses X V1.0

  1. Again …… STOKED and THANKS , TIMES 7 to Adam Guild and all the riders involved in this ! There are LOADS of original , flowing , hammer combos and tricks , brought in every single riders individual sections . Im really thrilled to have been in this project again ! Adam Guild , your multiple sections in both films REALLY were SLLLAAMMMED . You werent joking when ya text me that you were REALLY going IN for your combos in these films ! Effraim ,SHOUT OUT to you for posting both films , bruv ! I know you have LOADS of Flatland content to keep up with , post , and write about …..all while running South Sea skate park , AND still progressing your own riding . CHEERS , mate !

    • Agreed campeon, fantastic job from Mr. Doses once again. Amazing riding by everyone, cool tunes and Frank Sinatra for finale… What else could someone need for a flatland film to be perfect? You killed it here my man Rodney with those pedal circle k barflips amigo! Skills…

  2. Thanks , TIMES 7 , Giannis ! I filmed that combo @ the very last minute , haha ! Im ALWAYS getting Adam Guild my footage ,like a day or two before the deadline… like a dumb ass ! Those pedal Circle -K bar flips ??! Gotta shout out to Effraim Catlow = Big -E for THAT move ! Saw him doing it and ALOT of the bar flips and twitches I do in his 1997 video part , for the K.H.E. bike company , their team video called PARADE . I use stuff that Effraim did ……and forgot about 25 YEARS AGO , hahaha… he continued to move on and progress with the times ! RESPECT , Big -E ! I learned another one of your forgotten hits 3 weeks ago , haha…. Yup , BOTH of these DOSES films were RAD ,indeed , Giannis ! I was how ever REALLY bummed that YOU didnt have a part , but I know you were injured . I EAGERLY await your NEXT edit , cabrone ! Youre a true TRICKTIONARIED Guru on the bike , Giannis ! Ahhhhh yes …..Frank Sinatra , the entire soundtrack to both films were SLLLAAAAAMMMED , indeed , ALONG with EVERY single riders tricks , combos ! These may be the last DOSES films …….but they have all been a SWEEEEET ride ! Thanks , AGAIN , Adam Guild !!

  3. Thanks guys you both rule!!!!! Thanks to E for posting these up. Unless people harass me to do more, I am done with these videos. I just post personal edits on vimeo at this point.

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