Doses X V2.0

Doses X V2.0 from Doses Flatland on Vimeo.

It’s a good day for content today, if you watched Doses X V1.0 it’s time to watch part 2 of the Doses project put together by Adam Guild.
Featuring Bobby Carter, Thiago BB, Robert Victoria, Adam Guild, Lindsey Bode, Dax Wolford, Juan Carlos Moronta, Matt Thomas, Anthony Schneidewind, Scott Hagnas, Malte Orth, Francis Chase Santos, Sean Porter, Juan Carlos Arracera, Frank Ruiz, Rosey Taylor,
Mark Harris, Rodney Williams.

Fight the Winter 2018 – Top 5 Masterclass

Erik Hogers just got in contact with run coverage from this weekend’s Fight the Winter contest. First up we have the top five runs from the Masterclass competition, from Gino Stuart in first, Malte Orth second, Florian Kluth third. Check these out the top 5 runs when you have time!

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