10 thoughts on “Jason Plourde – Wao

  1. EVERY time I see him decade DIRECTLY to that cross left/inside pumping peg wheelie mid combo …………..I get STOKED , man to use that transition mid-combo is ……just MUTANT !!!!!!! LOVING his signature , I think he calls it Galvatron ?? Voltron ??? The crazy two footed backyard/behind the back-half bar that he gets into from a spinning two footed ice cream/half bars/bike varial !!!!!

  2. the POWERFUL/STRENGTH pedal/turbine megas DIRECTLY from the fire hauls are HAMMER too !! Still CANT believe he took his decade DIRECTLY to that cross left/inside pumping peg wheelie………………..THEN APPLIED it to the bike being in ICE CREAM position …………FOR that UPSIDE DOWN deacade line , even combed AFTER it , exiting with another foot jam/brakeless decade !!!!! MUTANT !!!!!!!

    Looks like the kettlebell has done you well!
    Sick Kettlebell but sicker riding!
    YEAH IP!
    Reggie boy Jasony included the kettlebell in the video because it gave him strength to do the tricks! If I had kettlebell, I’d put it in video of riding too! Hook a brother up!!!!

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