Jean William Prévost: Comes in Waves

Edit wise it’s kind of quiet in the flatland scene, which is no surprise as contest season is in full flow. With that said, it’s motivating to see one of the top in the game Jean William Prévost putting in some work on a new project. This teaser for Dub’s first edit in a while certainly whet’s the appetite…

2 thoughts on “Jean William Prévost: Comes in Waves

  1. I’m already calling this will be a MUST WATCH edit for this site , based on the fact that Puro Flat 3 ,in my opinion is a MUST WATCH edit still to this day in 2023. Dub is like the Kosta Andreev ( crazy progressive BMX park rider ) of BMX Flatland , ha. He came into the game already @ a high level. He’s been @ the highest level to this day……….and like just Kosta Andreev . As long as he’s in the game there’s nothing out of his reach and he’ll stay on top and STILL be ascending……..oh yeah , his no man’s land edit is still a banger , too. I.G.I. …….more like D.G.I. ( Dub got it ! )

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