4 thoughts on “Jody Temple: Unscripted

  1. I could watch Jody ride all day. Hang nothing , ( even side saddled ! ) switch hand steam- twitch -boomerang , and loads of other crazy, technical , original concepts that are so good for progressive flatland. I’ve been into Temple’s riding since his black Azreal days. ( 1997. ) Also he’s a rad , humble , very funny cat . That walk we had chatting in New Orleans ( Flatland Voodoo Jam , 2017 ! ) to the corner store was the best . Dude looks at flatland entirely in a very cool way / perspective . Guess that explains his excellent ideas turned into reality on his bike…..

    • not only a talented rider but Jody is hilarious, he & Frank Lukas had me in stitches the whole weekend at 2016 Voodoo Jam – same jam I first met you Rodney! which reminds me, you gonna be in Houston this coming weekend for the Jam Circle???

      • Yes sir , campeon ! I always think about that particular Flatland Voodoo Jam contest , 2017 ! Got to session , chill , and laughs TONS in that hotel lobby late in the A.M. with you , Frank Lucas , John Yull , Jody Temple , and Scott ! Damn , I’m not gonna be able to make it out to jam circle , Marley . I gotta work those two days …..hopefully we will cross paths , session and catch up very soon ! I still remember you FLYING past me in a hitchhiker , thinking ” Is that the same Jay Marley that I’ve been chatting with on Face Book ? ” Then when I noticed you were bar small in the hitchhiker , seems you prefer doing them bar small ,which make them way harder in my opinion . You have to actually NOT zambony at all and roll it , haha. I SUCK bad at hitchhikers ! I call mine sh-t hikers , LOL . Then I was like ” Yup , that’s Marley ! ” and went over to meet you ! Good , good times , bruv …..

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