3 thoughts on “The Trevor Meyer Snakebite Podcast

    • I envy you , Mr. F.S. ! That must of RULED . All the San Anto cats got to once , thanks to Lee Edwards , r.i.p. and Hector Garcia . Trevor did a SLAMMED line starting with a move that would seal the deal in ANY contest today……360 kick flip half hiker …..every rider on the courts was silent and watched till he pulled the line . Got it all on video , too…..Valentines Day , 2004 ….I think it was a Sunday .Trevor is most definitely top 20 in Flatland’s HISTORY of greats. Can’t wait to listen to this after work….

  1. This was ill! The biking viking is such a beast. I remember seeing that long sick child and being pumped he was rocking one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he catch some flack in his contest days for using “other people’s tricks” in his runs? Seemed like there was a real heavy push towards coming up with your own stuff in the 90s and early 2000s. He just took everything, dialed it, stacked it up, then knocked it down!
    Great interview. Thanks Snakebite, Trevor, and Big E for posting it up for us to easily find in our day!

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